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Todays Date: 23 Feb 2024
Surrey County Road Relay Championships 2021 - 2022

Surrey Road Relays, Wimbledon - 4 September 2021

Senior Women 4 x 3 miles

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
1Guildford & Godalming AC A 01:08:05Chloe Crossman (4)17:24Carolyne Baxter (2)17:00Suzie Monk (1)16:40Eleanor Harrison (1)17:01
2Belgrave Harriers A 01:11:00Stephanie Hewitt (2)17:22Laura Goodson (3)17:57Sophie Cowper (2)16:45Bethany Brown (2)18:56
3Thames Hare & Hounds A 01:11:18Ruby Woolfe (1)15:54Natalie Seymour (1)17:44Claire Altmann (3)19:21Felicity Hayward (3)18:19
4Herne Hill Harriers A 01:12:29Charlotte Davies (6)17:55Katie Balme (5)18:07Suzanne Swaine (5)19:07Fiona de Mauny (4)17:20
5Herne Hill Harriers B 01:13:38Steph Mitchell (5)17:51Martha Reynolds (4)18:02Grace Leyland (4)18:52Julia Wedmore (5)18:53
-Thames Hare & Hounds B *01:14:00Andrea Stehlikova (15)21:32Bethanie Murray (8)17:09Ella Fennelly (7)17:13Ruth Wallace (6)18:06
6Belgrave Harriers B 01:14:07Mimi Corden-Lloyd (8)18:19Laurel Bray (6)18:37Lizzie Goldie-Scott (6)18:48Emily Barrett (7)18:23
7South London Harriers A 01:17:38Alice Germana (7)18:10Tessa Billups (7)19:46Flic Carr (8)19:21Alice Smith (8)20:21
8Epsom & Ewell Harriers A 01:20:12Lauren Flack (12)20:23Diana Norman (9)18:54Lauren Johnson (9)19:37Aneta Ryans (9)21:18
9Croydon Harriers A 01:21:42Laura Marshall (11)20:23Jessica Moore (10)20:06Leanne Moore (11)21:25Madelaine Armstrong-Pljeth (10)19:48
10Wimbledon Windmilers A 01:21:44Tila Lomba (3)17:23Ella Waddington (13)23:59Claire Boyton (12)21:35Lorna McDonald (11)18:47
11Guildford & Godalming AC B 01:22:04Eleanor Walker (13)20:42Clare Coley-Maud (11)20:06Emily Relton (10)18:48Jenny Paxman (12)22:28
12Dorking & Mole Valley AC A 01:23:56Victoria McFarlin (14)21:03Abigail Edwards (16)24:41Hannah Morris (13)18:43Sharon Walker (13)19:29
13Ranelagh Harriers A 01:25:34Suzy Whatmough (9)18:53Marie Synnott-Wells (14)23:04Rachel Revett (14)22:44Wiebke Kortum (14)20:53
14Reigate Priory AC A 01:27:39Jamilla Ncayiyana (10)20:12Bethany Higgins (12)21:05Jenny Carus (16)26:24Lucy Berryman (15)19:58
15Croydon Harriers B 01:27:42Miriam De Souza (16)23:43Antarah Singh (15)20:56Laura Marshall (15)20:48Jessica Moore (16)22:15

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Ruby Woolfe Thames H&H15:54
Suzie Monk Guildford&G16:40
Sophie Cowper Belgrave H16:45
Carolyne Baxter Guildford&G17:00
Eleanor Harrison Guildford&G17:01
Bethanie Murray Thames H&H17:09
Ella Fennelly Thames H&H17:13
Fiona de Mauny Herne Hill H17:20
Stephanie Hewitt Belgrave H17:22
Tila Lomba Wimbledon W17:23
Chloe Crossman Guildford&G17:24
Natalie Seymour Thames H&H17:44
Steph Mitchell Herne Hill H17:51
Charlotte Davies Herne Hill H17:55
Laura Goodson Belgrave H17:57
Martha Reynolds Herne Hill H18:02
Ruth Wallace Thames H&H18:06
Katie Balme Herne Hill H18:07
Alice Germana South London18:10
Mimi Corden-Lloyd Belgrave H18:19
Felicity Hayward Thames H&H18:19
Emily Barrett Belgrave H18:23
Laurel Bray Belgrave H18:37
Hannah Morris DorkingMV18:43
Lorna McDonald Wimbledon W18:47
Emily Relton Guildford&G18:48
Lizzie Goldie-Scott Belgrave H18:48
Grace Leyland Herne Hill H18:52
Suzy Whatmough Ranelagh H18:53
Julia Wedmore Herne Hill H18:53
Diana Norman Epsom & Ewell18:54
Bethany Brown Belgrave H18:56
Suzanne Swaine Herne Hill H19:07
Flic Carr South London19:21
Claire Altmann Thames H&H19:21
Sharon Walker DorkingMV19:29
Lauren Johnson Epsom & Ewell19:37
Tessa Billups South London19:46
Madelaine Armstrong-Pljeth Croydon H19:48
Lucy Berryman Reigate Priory 19:58
Clare Coley-Maud Guildford&G20:06
Jessica Moore Croydon H20:06
Jamilla Ncayiyana Reigate Priory 20:12
Alice Smith South London20:21
Lauren Flack Epsom & Ewell20:23
Laura Marshall Croydon H20:23
Eleanor Walker Guildford&G20:42
Laura Marshall Croydon H20:48
Wiebke Kortum Ranelagh H20:53
Antarah Singh Croydon H20:56
Victoria McFarlin DorkingMV21:03
Bethany Higgins Reigate Priory 21:05
Aneta Ryans Epsom & Ewell21:18
Leanne Moore Croydon H21:25
Andrea Stehlikova Thames H&H21:32
Claire Boyton Wimbledon W21:35
Jessica Moore Croydon H22:15
Jenny Paxman Guildford&G22:28
Rachel Revett Ranelagh H22:44
Marie Synnott-Wells Ranelagh H23:04
Miriam De Souza Croydon H23:43
Ella Waddington Wimbledon W23:59
Abigail Edwards DorkingMV24:41
Jenny Carus Reigate Priory 26:24

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