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Today's Date: 25 September 2021

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(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
100 Metres (Standard: 11.20)
 10.17/+2.9 wJamal Rhoden-StevensShaftesbury Barnet HarriersEisenstadt, AUT9 Jun 
 10.19/+2.1 wRomell Glave (U23)Croydon HarriersLee Valley26 May 
 10.21/+0.5 Romell Glave (U23)Croydon HarriersLee Valley26 May 
 10.29/+1.9 Jamal Rhoden-StevensShaftesbury Barnet HarriersEisenstadt, AUT9 Jun 
 10.32/-0.5 James DasaoluCroydon HarriersStratford (CT)13 Jun 
 10.33/0.0 Jordan Watson-BrownShaftesbury Barnet HarriersVienna, AUT15 May 
 10.40/+1.5 Chad Miller (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACLee Valley25 Apr 
 10.43/+1.3 James Hanson (U23)Woking ACBedford12 Jun 
 10.48/+3.0 wRechmial MillerHercules Wimbledon ACBedford12 Jun 
 10.51/+1.3 Rechmial MillerHercules Wimbledon ACBedford12 Jun 
 10.55/+2.2 wTyler Panton (U20)Woking ACBedford13 Jun 
 10.57/+1.5 Derek Kinlock (U20)Croydon HarriersLee Valley23 Jun 
 10.57/+2.9 wZanson PlummerShaftesbury Barnet HarriersLee Valley26 May 
 10.59/+2.2 wSuhuyini Osman (U20)Croydon HarriersBedford13 Jun 
 10.64/+1.3 Zanson PlummerShaftesbury Barnet HarriersBedford12 Jun 
 10.66/+1.5 Tyler Panton (U20)Woking ACLee Valley23 Jun 
 10.7/+0.5 Sam IgeBelgrave HarriersPortsmouth6 Jun 
 10.76/+1.8 Suhuyini Osman (U20)Croydon HarriersChelmsford26 May 
 10.79/+1.0 Dwayne Cowan (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACKettering6 Jul 
 10.82/+1.5 Kyle Reynolds-Warmington (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACLee Valley25 Apr 
 10.84/+3.0 wRyan Facey (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACKettering31 May 
 10.84/+3.7 wAlessio Anah (U20)Crawley ACWorthing1 Jun 
 10.85/+2.6 wMichael Miller (U23)Herne Hill HarriersLee Valley7 Jul 
 10.86/+1.8 Michael Miller (U23)Herne Hill HarriersStratford (CT)13 Jun 
 10.90/+1.9 Ryan Facey (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACBedford12 Jun 
 10.9 Sean Edwards (U20)Croydon HarriersBattersea Park11 Jul 
 10.92/+1.2 Victor Nzolele (U23)Herne Hill HarriersStratford (CT)30 Jun 
 10.94/+1.9 Freddie Arkell (U17)Hercules Wimbledon ACManchester (SC)7 Aug 
 10.96/+0.9 Frederick AfrifaCrawley ACDagenham26 Jun 
 10.98/+0.9 Brook Cronin (U20)Walton ACLee Valley9 Jun 
 11.0 2h1Tyvon Inniss (U20)Croydon HarriersKingston31 Jul 
 11.01/+0.8 Alessio Anah (U20)Crawley ACBedford13 Jun 
 11.02/+2.3 wTom White (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersChelmsford6 Jun 
 11.07/+1.9 Tom White (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersLee Valley10 Apr 
 11.10/+1.1 Philip Kastner (U23)Walton ACCannes la Bocca, FRA22 May 
 11.1 Thomas Leacock (U20)Woking ACWinchester25 Jul 
 11.12/+1.4 Micah Francis-Dwyer (U23)Croydon HarriersLee Valley23 Jun 
 11.14/-0.1 Dylan Da Costa (U23)Croydon HarriersBirmingham Uni9 Jun 
 11.14 3Matthew Harris (U23)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston1 Aug 
 11.15/+1.7 Marius Ball (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersChelmsford6 Jun 
 11.16/+3.0 wIdowu AkindeleSutton & District ACDagenham25 Apr 
 11.17/+3.8 wJudah Wallace (U20)Herne Hill HarriersLee Valley7 Jul 
 11.18/+1.0 Nicholas Hamilton (U20)Croydon HarriersCarshalton16 May 
 11.19 4Nicholas Atwell (M35)Thames Valley HarriersKingston1 Aug 
 11.2 Gregory Menkiti (U17)Slough Junior ACSalisbury13 Jun 
200 Metres (Standard: 23.00)
 20.72/+0.7 1Derek Kinlock (U20)Croydon HarriersTallinn, EST17 Jul 
 20.9/+2.7 wJordan Watson-BrownShaftesbury Barnet HarriersLee Valley25 Apr 
 20.96/+2.1 wDwayne Cowan (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACLas Vegas NV, USA17 Apr 
 20.98/+0.1 James Hanson (U23)Woking ACBedford20 Jun 
 21.34/-0.4 Jordan Watson-BrownShaftesbury Barnet HarriersLee Valley6 Jun 
 21.34/+1.0 Dwayne Cowan (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACKettering6 Jul 
 21.50/+3.2 wJamal Rhoden-StevensShaftesbury Barnet HarriersNuneaton11 Apr 
 21.52/+1.8 Jamal Rhoden-StevensShaftesbury Barnet HarriersBirmingham Uni21 Apr 
 21.57/+0.1 Tyler Panton (U20)Woking ACBedford20 Jun 
 21.87/0.0 Zanson PlummerShaftesbury Barnet HarriersLee Valley28 Apr 
 21.9 Sam IgeBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park20 Jun 
 22.0/0.0 Freddie Arkell (U17)Hercules Wimbledon ACLee Valley25 Apr 
 22.08/+0.4 Suhuyini Osman (U20)Croydon HarriersChelmsford26 May 
 22.22 Brook Cronin (U20)Walton ACAldershot31 May 
 22.33/+0.3 Tyvon Inniss (U20)Croydon HarriersChelmsford9 Jun 
 22.36/-1.2 2h1Jamal ClarkeWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACKingston31 Jul 
 22.42/+1.7 Frederick AfrifaCrawley ACLee Valley26 May 
 22.45/-0.5 1h2James Grindle (U20)Thames Valley HarriersKingston1 Aug 
 22.48/+1.1 Thomas Leacock (U20)Woking ACBedford12 Jun 
 22.48 3Nicholas Atwell (M35)Thames Valley HarriersKingston31 Jul 
 22.5 Ryan Facey (U23)Hercules Wimbledon ACCarshalton20 Jun 
 22.53/+1.8 Dylan Da Costa (U23)Croydon HarriersBirmingham Uni21 Apr 
 22.59/-1.1 Josh Watson (U23)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACBromley6 Jun 
 22.59/+2.2 wCraig CoxCrawley ACAzusa CA, USA16 Apr 
 22.60/-1.0 Kyle Reynolds-Warmington (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACBromley6 Jun 
 22.65/0.0 Tom White (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston3 Jul 
 22.68/+0.4 Matthew Harris (U23)Guildford & Godalming ACJarrow19 May 
 22.69/0.8 2h1Nicholas Hamilton (U20)Croydon HarriersKingston1 Aug 
 22.7 Sean Edwards (U20)Croydon HarriersBattersea Park20 Jun 
 22.76/+1.3 Alessio Anah (U20)Crawley ACWorthing2 May 
 22.8 Gabriele ParisiGuildford & Godalming ACAldershot20 Jun 
 22.85/-2.1 Devonte Casely-HayfordHercules Wimbledon ACStratford (CT)13 Jun 
 22.86/+1.4 Drew Burridge (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACEltham20 Jun 
 22.93/+3.3 wIdowu AkindeleThames Valley HarriersDagenham25 Apr 
 22.98/-0.8 Ethan Dray (U20)Walton ACLee Valley9 Jun 
 23.0 Elliot HolmanGuildford & Godalming ACAldershot20 Jun 
 23.0 Samuel Mowa (U17)Croydon HarriersBattersea Park11 Jul 
400 Metres (Standard: 51.00)
 46.50 Jamal Rhoden-StevensShaftesbury Barnet HarriersLee Valley6 Jun 
 47.74 7Martyn RooneyCroydon HarriersGateshead13 Jul 
 48.41 Dwayne Cowan (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACManchester (SC)25 Jun 
 49.01 Frederick AfrifaCrawley ACStratford (CT)13 Jun 
 49.11 Jack Dickson (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston3 Jul 
 49.13 1Jamal ClarkeWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACKingston1 Aug 
 49.37 Philip Kastner (U23)Walton ACMontpellier, FRA29 May 
 49.64 Henry Fisher (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACStratford (CT)13 Jun 
 49.85 Joshua Pearson (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACHarrow13 May 
 50.3 Isaac OgunladeHerne Hill HarriersBattersea Park11 Jul 
 50.42 Samuel Mowa (U17)Croydon HarriersKingston22 Aug 
 50.53 2Craig CoxCrawley ACKingston1 Aug 
 50.75 3Adam ThompsonHerne Hill HarriersKingston1 Aug 
 50.88 Ethan Curran (U17)Crawley ACKingston22 Aug 
 50.89 Max Perez-DiazKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersChelmsford6 Jun 
 50.92 Drew Burridge (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACGillingham3 May 
800 Metres (Standard: 2:00.00)
 1:49.68 1rCJack Dickson (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersManchester SC29 May 
 1:50.59 2r1Henry Fisher (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACBromley22 May 
 1:52.22 2Adam MooreWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACLawrence KS, USA1 May 
 1:52.80 3r10Harry Boyd (U23)Guildford & Godalming ACWorthing2 May 
 1:53.17 1rBCharlie WyllieDorking Mole Valley ACWormwood Scrubs7 Jul 
 1:53.66 2rADylan Spencer (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACWormwood Scrubs12 May 
 1:53.89 2rACameron Enser (U20)Bracknell ACWormwood Scrubs9 Jun 
 1:54.08 2h2Edward Enser (U17)Bracknell ACManchester (SC)10 Jul 
 1:54.14 1rABlake MooreWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACWormwood Scrubs3 Jul 
 1:55.35 2rAAaron Enser (U23)Bracknell ACAldershot7 Jul 
 1:55.4 1AArlo LudwickHerne Hill HarriersBattersea Park11 Jul 
 1:55.97 3rARian McCawleyAldershot, Farnham & District ACWormwood Scrubs9 Jun 
 1:57.37 2AGeorge DollnerGuildford & Godalming ACBracknell11 Jul 
 1:57.6 2AJames HancockCroydon HarriersBattersea Park11 Jul 
 1:57.67 4rBAlex Dunn (U20)Sutton & District ACEltham23 Jun 
 1:57.77 8rAJoe Blacknell (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBirmingham Uni9 Jun 
 1:57.8 2AAaron Gill (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACAldershot14 Aug 
 1:58.1 Nicholas Smith (U20)South London HarriersBattersea Park11 Jul 
 1:58.44 3r1Keeran Sriskandarajah (U15)Herne Hill HarriersBromley13 Aug 
 1:58.49 2Daryl Cyprien (U23)South London HarriersKingston31 Jul 
 1:58.6 1BAlex PenfoldCroydon HarriersBattersea Park11 Jul 
 1:58.9 6rAAaron Gill (U20)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACAldershot8 May 
 1:59.1 2ATheo Lewis (U20)Sutton & District ACCarshalton20 Jun 
 1:59.31 3r1Jacob Harrison (U20)South London HarriersYeovil1 May 
 1:59.74 4Ewan Bate (U23)Dorking Mole Valley ACKingston31 Jul 
 2:00.0 5r1Patrick LucasCroydon HarriersBattersea Park22 May 
1500 Metres (Standard: 4:08.00)
 3:44.67 4r3Adam MooreWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACFayetteville AR, USA24 Apr 
 3:44.72 2Dominic NolanCroydon HarriersWimbledon2 Jun 
 3:46.81 5rBBlake MooreWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACManchester SC29 May 
 3:47.38 12rBBen BradleyAldershot, Farnham & District ACWatford12 Jun 
 3:48.36 5rAMax Heyden (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACLoughborough23 Jun 
 3:49.11 2rDCharlie WyllieDorking Mole Valley ACWatford12 Jun 
 3:50.59 11rCJohn SandersonGuildford & Godalming ACWatford12 Jun 
 3:52.38 5rDJoe Blacknell (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACManchester SC29 May 
 3:52.64 2rEWill Barnicoat (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACWatford12 Jun 
 3:53.82 3rAJack Dickson (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersEltham14 Jul 
 3:54.84 2rAAaron Enser (U23)Bracknell ACMillfield29 May 
 3:55.17 2ASamuel GebreselassieBelgrave HarriersMilton Keynes3 Jul 
 3:56.66 5rAJames HancockCroydon HarriersEltham14 Jul 
 3:56.79 1AHenry Fisher (U20)Blackheath & Bromley Harriers ACGillingham25 Jul 
 3:57.11 1r1Dylan Spencer (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACBromley22 May 
 3:57.13 2Rian McCawleyAldershot, Farnham & District ACKingston1 Aug 
 3:57.58 4r6Frederick SlemeckHercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon2 Jun 
 3:58.69 3rABrogan McCawleyCamberley & District ACAldershot31 May 
 4:02.14 3r13Liam Stone (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACWatford25 Aug 
 4:02.22 8rBAdam Hudson (U20)Sutton & District ACEltham4 Aug 
 4:02.8 Macgregor CoxThames Hare & HoundsCambridge18 Jun 
 4:02.83 2AGeorge DollnerGuildford & Godalming ACBracknell11 Jul 
 4:03.23 mx8r12Thomas James (U20)Crawley ACWatford25 Aug 
 4:03.7 2Jacob Harrison (U20)South London HarriersPar12 Jun 
 4:04.03 3rBAlex PenfoldCroydon HarriersEltham14 Jul 
 4:05.2 9rACameron Enser (U20)Bracknell ACAldershot28 Apr 
 4:05.58 3r2Raphael Rivero-Stevenet (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACBromley22 May 
 4:05.63 10r6Alex Dunn (U20)Sutton & District ACWimbledon2 Jun 
 4:05.95 4rBTom Jones (U20)Walton ACAldershot31 May 
 4:06.56 5rBChristo Chilton (U17)South London HarriersAldershot31 May 
 4:06.98 6rBThomas James (U20)Crawley ACEltham23 Jun 
1 Mile (Standard: 4:30.0)
 4:03.75 7Adam MooreWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACSt Louis MO, USA3 Jun 
 4:22.7 mx1r2George DollnerGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford7 Jul 
 4:29.7 mx2r2Tom FosterGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford7 Jul 
3000 Metres (Standard: 8:55.00)
 7:42.15 12Jack RoweAldershot, Farnham & District ACGateshead13 Jul 
 8:09.81 1r4Dominic NolanCroydon HarriersWimbledon29 May 
 8:17.20 2rAWill Barnicoat (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACMilton Keynes5 Jun 
 8:21.0 1Samuel GebreselassieBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park11 Jul 
 8:24.47 10r1Max Heyden (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACLoughborough25 Apr 
 8:29.35 7r4George DollnerGuildford & Godalming ACWimbledon19 May 
 8:30.31 8r4Macgregor CoxThames Hare & HoundsWimbledon19 May 
 8:31.43 4r4James ShareGuildford & Godalming ACWimbledon2 Jun 
 8:33.58 5r4Lewis LayleeHerne Hill HarriersWimbledon2 Jun 
 8:37.08 6r1Joe Blacknell (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBirmingham Uni21 Apr 
 8:39.38 4rFRian McCawleyAldershot, Farnham & District ACMilton Keynes22 May 
 8:39.87 5r2Liam Stone (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACWatford11 Aug 
 8:43.19 7r4James HancockCroydon HarriersWimbledon2 Jun 
 8:45.59 1Tom Jones (U20)Walton ACKingston1 Aug 
 8:50.90 2Alex Kilby (U20)Walton ACKingston1 Aug 
 8:51.60 8r3Arne DumezBelgrave HarriersJarrow30 Jun 
 8:51.73 Matthew Clutterbuck (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACBirmingham Uni9 Jun 
 8:53.81 7r3Matt McDanielGuildford & Godalming ACWimbledon19 May 
 8:53.83 5rBRaphael Rivero-Stevenet (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACMilton Keynes5 Jun 
 8:53.9 mx2rABrogan McCawleyCamberley & District ACAldershot28 Apr 
 8:54.83 5r3Duncan Woolmer (M40)Walton ACWimbledon2 Jun 
5000 Metres (Standard: 16:15.00)
 13:35.77 13Jack RoweAldershot, Farnham & District ACGateshead23 May 
 13:53.34 2rBDominic NolanCroydon HarriersWatford12 Jun 
 13:55.9 1AEdward MallettHercules Wimbledon ACCarshalton20 Jun 
 14:05.58 1Gilbert GrundyGuildford & Godalming ACPortland OR, USA8 May 
 14:18.48 1r3Max Heyden (U23)Aldershot, Farnham & District ACBirmingham Uni12 May 
 14:21.52 2rCSamuel GebreselassieBelgrave HarriersWatford12 Jun 
 14:25.02 10rABen ToomerHercules Wimbledon ACJersey City NJ, USA15 May 
 14:34.20 *Joshua GraceAldershot, Farnham & District ACBirmingham Uni5 Jun 
 14:44.54 4rDNicholas DewarHerne Hill HarriersWatford12 Jun 
 14:45.38 4ABlake MooreWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACWormwood Scrubs3 Jul 
 14:53.32 James ShareGuildford & Godalming ACBattersea Park31 Mar 
 14:55.28 6rDJames HancockCroydon HarriersWatford12 Jun 
 14:57.00 2AFrederick SlemeckHercules Wimbledon ACBasingstoke3 Jul 
 14:58.6 2r1Indy Barnes (U23)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersOxford15 May 
 15:05.59 1Edward ChuckDulwich RunnersKingston31 Jul 
 15:05.89 7r2James HoadThames Hare & HoundsWimbledon Park19 May 
 15:11.53 Macgregor CoxThames Hare & HoundsBattersea Park31 Mar 
 15:11.80 mx1r1Daniel Gaffney (M35)South London HarriersWimbledon Park19 May 
 15:12.10 2Ed MallettHercules Wimbledon ACKingston31 Jul 
 15:12.47 9r2Ollie GarrodSouth London HarriersWimbledon Park19 May 
 15:18.6 5r1Charlie WyllieDorking Mole Valley ACBattersea Park22 May 
 15:18.7 1APaul BaileySouth London HarriersBattersea Park20 Jun 
 15:19.75 4r2Matthew Clutterbuck (U23)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACBirmingham Uni12 May 
 15:22.63 Jonny Earl (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACBox Hill, AUS2 Mar 
 15:27.15 1r4Christo Chilton (U17)South London HarriersBattersea Park31 Mar 
 15:28.3 1ATom FosterGuildford & Godalming ACAldershot20 Jun 
 15:29.87 James BartramThames Hare & HoundsBattersea Park31 Mar 
 15:31.93 2Raphael Rivero-Stevenet (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACBedford12 Jun 
 15:32.66 mx2r1Craig JarmanWalton ACWimbledon Park19 May 
 15:32.8 2ALiam Stone (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACAldershot20 Jun 
 15:32.99 10r2Matthew Sharp (M40)Hercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon Park19 May 
 15:38.5 Rian McCawleyAldershot, Farnham & District ACCambridge28 Apr 
 15:41.03 3Tommy TaylorBelgrave HarriersKingston31 Jul 
 15:41.43 Thomas AlmondReigate Priory ACBattersea Park31 Mar 
 15:44.6 7r1Alex Kilby (U20)Walton ACBattersea Park22 May 
 15:45.64 mx5r1Ben Goddard (M35)Woking ACWimbledon Park19 May 
 15:50.17 Nick BuckleBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park31 Mar 
 15:52.84 4r3Adam Hudson (U20)Sutton & District ACCarshalton16 May 
 15:54.09 5Tom Chandler (U20)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACBedford12 Jun 
 15:54.19 mx7r1Andrius Jaksevicius (M40)Belgrave HarriersWimbledon Park19 May 
 15:58.2 10r1Brandon DewarHerne Hill HarriersBattersea Park22 May 
 16:00.69 Alex PenfoldCroydon HarriersBattersea Park31 Mar 
 16:00.9 5r1Jared MartinClapham ChasersOxford15 May 
 16:05.3 1r2Sam BeggGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford7 Jul 
 16:08.2 2BGeorge RouxReigate Priory ACCrawley20 Jun 
 16:14.7 10r2Isaac Flanagan (U20)Croydon HarriersCambridge28 Apr 
10,000 Metres (Standard: 35:00.00)
 29:13.70 1r5Dominic NolanCroydon HarriersWalthamstow9 Jul 
 29:15.04 2r5Joshua GraceAldershot, Farnham & District ACWalthamstow9 Jul 
 29:43.99 7Gilbert GrundyGuildford & Godalming ACCorvallis OR, USA29 Apr 
 31:34.38 12rBJames HoadThames Hare & HoundsLeeds (S)24 Jun 
 31:41.49 7r3Frederick SlemeckHercules Wimbledon ACWalthamstow9 Jul 
 31:57.8 9Jonny Earl (M35)Hercules Wimbledon ACAberfeldie, AUS28 Jan 
 32:27.06 20rBConor Kissane-WoodThames Valley HarriersLeeds (S)24 Jun 
 33:12.81 2r2Ben Goddard (M35)Woking ACWalthamstow9 Sep 
3000 Metres Steeplechase (Standard: 10:00.00)
 9:15.87 Richard OllingtonThames Hare & HoundsBromley6 Jun 
 9:31.05 Aaron Enser (U23)Bracknell ACManchester SC27 May 
 9:35.01 Rian McCawleyAldershot, Farnham & District ACBedford12 Jun 
110 Metres Hurdles (106.7cm) (Standard: 16.00)
 14.33/-0.5 Sam Talbot (U23)City of Sheffield & Dearne ACManchester (SC)26 Jun 
 14.86/-0.9 Philip Kastner (U23)Walton ACMontpellier, FRA30 May 
 14.98/+0.6 Owen Heard (U23)Harrow ACBedford13 Jun 
 15.29/+0.2 Alex ParkinsonKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersChelmsford6 Jun 
 16.0 Callum McKay (M35)Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACAldershot20 Jun 
400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 58.00)
 49.16 Chris McAlisterThames Valley HarriersStockholm, SWE4 Jul 
 50.6 Jacob PaulWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACBromley6 Jun 
 51.25 1Tyri DonovanWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow ACKingston1 Aug 
 54.50 Isaac OgunladeHerne Hill HarriersStratford (CT)13 Jun 
 54.61 2Andrew AjubeThames Valley HarriersKingston1 Aug 
 56.21 3Richard MorrisSouth London HarriersKingston1 Aug 
 56.55 1Luke Dronfield (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston1 Aug 
 56.63 David Awde (M35)Woking ACBracknell11 Jul 
High Jump (Standard: 1.90m [6ft3in])
 2.09m Jack Ennis (U20)Croydon HarriersLee Valley6 Jun 
 1.98m Philip Kastner (U23)Walton ACMontpellier, FRA29 May 
 1.95m Benjamin King (U20)Camberley & District ACAldershot20 Jun 
 1.91m 1Tayo AndrewsHarrow ACKingston1 Aug 
 1.90m Daniel Roffey (U23)Epsom & Ewell HarriersCarshalton20 Jun 
Pole Vault (Standard: 3.65m [12ft0in])
 5.06m Jack PhippsBirchfield HarriersLoughborough2 Jun 
 4.90m Owen Heard (U23)Harrow ACLee Valley6 Jun 
 4.40m George Hopkins (U20)Woking ACHarrow27 May 
 4.20m Philip Kastner (U23)Walton ACNice, FRA2 May 
 3.90m David Awde (M35)Woking ACTonbridge6 Jun 
 3.90m 1Daniel Dearden (U20)Horsham Blue Star HarriersKingston31 Jul 
 3.80m Daniel Roffey (U23)Epsom & Ewell HarriersCarshalton20 Jun 
Long Jump (Standard: 6.50m [21ft4in])
 7.29m Paul OgunCroydon HarriersBattersea Park20 Jun 
 7.17m/+1.5 Philip Kastner (U23)Walton ACMontpellier, FRA29 May 
 6.93m/+1.5 1Samuel Sherlock (U17)Guildford & Godalming ACKingston1 Aug 
 6.77m Toby Dronfield (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACWorthing2 May 
 6.69m Ben Sopta-Sheldrake (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersCarshalton20 Jun 
 6.63m Ignatius Abebrese (U20)Herne Hill HarriersCoulsdon1 May 
 6.57m Seb Wilson Dyer GoughHerne Hill HarriersBattersea Park20 Jun 
Triple Jump (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in])
 14.72m/+2.3 wMichael Anderson (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersCoulsdon1 May 
 14.60m/-1.5 Michael Anderson (U20)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersCoulsdon1 May 
 14.50m/+1.7 Ignatius Abebrese (U20)Herne Hill HarriersHarrow27 May 
 14.20m/-0.3 Toby Dronfield (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACBedford31 May 
 13.48m/+1.2 1Humphrey WaddingtonKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston1 Aug 
 13.19m Solomon Ekoku (U20)unattachedHarrow20 Jun 
 13.17m Aaron BrownHerne Hill HarriersBattersea Park20 Jun 
Shot Putt (7.26kg) (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in])
 13.79m Nick Owen (M40)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston3 Jul 
 13.43m Kyle Stevens (M35)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston8 May 
 13.19m Chris Dack (M35)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston3 Jul 
 13.13m Thomas BullenSouth London HarriersBattersea Park20 Jun 
Discus (2kg) (Standard: 35.00m [115ft0in])
 67.13m 1Lawrence OkoyeCroydon HarriersSodertalje, SWE11 Jun 
 47.45m Reuben Vaughan (U23)Croydon HarriersBedford12 Jun 
 38.73m Justin TarrantCrawley ACTonbridge6 Jun 
 37.70m Nick Owen (M40)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersChelmsford6 Jun 
 35.89m Sam Talbot (U23)City of Sheffield & Dearne ACStretford6 Jun 
 35.70m Philip Kastner (U23)Walton ACNice, FRA2 May 
Hammer (7.26kg) (Standard: 39.60m [130ft0in])
 56.44m Peter CassidyGuildford & Godalming ACLee Valley6 Jun 
 52.31m 1Sam Mace (U23)Walton ACKingston31 Jul 
 51.58m 2Gareth Cook (M50)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston31 Jul 
 45.04m Kyle Stevens (M35)Kingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston8 May 
 41.89m Robert SmithWalton ACKingston8 May 
 41.30m Anton Joseph (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACAldershot20 Jun 
Javelin (800g) (Standard: 50.00m [164ft0in])
 68.78m Gavin Johnson-Assoon (M35)Thames Valley HarriersBedford13 Jun 
 50.96m Sam Talbot (U23)City of Sheffield & Dearne ACStretford6 Jun 
Decathlon (Standard: 5000pts)
 7042pts Philip Kastner (U23)Walton ACMontpellier, FRA30 May 

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These rankings are produced from the information held in our rankings database. For each performance we hold the athlete's name and their club. For some athletes we also hold their date of birth which allows us to verify the age group they were in at the time of achieving the performance. For those athletes we are able to create a "Profile" which shows, on one screen, all the performance data we hold for that athlete and this is shown as a link from the athlete's name. At no time do we display the date of birth of any living athlete.

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