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Today's Date: 16 May 2021
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30 May 1959 , Motspur Park
Youths Shot Putt (10lb)FINAL 2nd 45ft 3in (13.79m)
28 May 1960 , Motspur Park
Jun Men Shot Putt (12lb)FINAL 3rd 48ft 1in (14.65m)
Sen Men Shot Putt (7.26kg)FINAL 4th 41ft 10½in (12.76m)
3 June 1961 , Motspur Park
Jun Men Shot Putt (12lb)FINAL 1st 47ft 9in (14.55m)
Jun Men Discus (1.5kg)FINAL 2nd 140ft 0in (42.67m)
Jun Men Javelin 800g (pre-1986 model)FINAL 2nd 164ft 1½in (50.02m)
Sen Men Shot Putt (7.26kg)FINAL 5th 41ft 2¼in (12.55m)
2 June 1962 , Motspur Park
Sen Men Javelin 800g (pre-1986 model)FINAL 6th 169ft 3in (51.58m)
25 May 1963 , Motspur Park
Sen Men Shot Putt (7.26kg)FINAL 4th 42ft 9¼in (13.03m)
Sen Men Discus (2kg)FINAL 6th 122ft 11in (37.46m)
INTER-COUNTY TRACK & FIELD ( No of Entries = 2 )
Essex v Middlesex v Surrey Junior Men
26 August 1961, Carshalton
Jun Men Shot Putt (12lb)4th43ft 9in (13.33m)
Jun Men Javelin 800g (pre-1986 model)2nd179ft 0in (54.55m)
ANNUAL BEST T&F PERFORMANCES BY EVENT (Ranked performances only) ( No of Entries = 14 )
Shot Putt (10lb)
1959 U20 Men 48ft 1½in (14.66m) 04/06/1959
Shot Putt (12lb)
1960 U20 Men 49ft 7in (15.11m) 18/06/1960
1961 U20 Men 47ft 9in (14.55m) Motspur Park 03/06/1961
Shot Putt (7.26kg)
1961 Sen Men 42ft 7½in (12.99m) 29/01/1961
1963 Sen Men 44ft 9in (13.63m) Wimbledon Park 21/08/1963
1964 Sen Men 43ft 10in (13.36m) Croydon 13/06/1964
Discus (1.5kg)
1961 U20 Men 140ft 0in (42.67m) Motspur Park 03/06/1961
Discus (2kg)
1961 Sen Men 126ft 10½in (38.67m) 17/06/1961
1963 Sen Men 122ft 11in (37.46m) Motspur Park 25/05/1963
1964 Sen Men 121ft 4½in (36.99m) Croydon 13/06/1964
Javelin 800g (pre-1986 model)
1961 U20 Men 179ft 0in (54.55m) Carshalton 26/08/1961
1962 Sen Men 169ft 3in (51.58m) Motspur Park 02/06/1962
1964 Sen Men 186ft 10½in (56.95m) Motspur Park 30/05/1964
1966 Sen Men 189ft 9in (57.83m) Ladywell 13/08/1966

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