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Today's Date: 25 September 2021
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 1971 - 1972

Senior & Junior Men & Youths, Epsom - 1 January 1972


1Dave HoltHercules Wimbledon AC34:32
2Geoff BiscoeMitcham AC34:41
3Bob HoltHercules Wimbledon AC34:43
4John RobertsSouth London Harriers34:58
5Gerry NorthBelgrave Harriers35:17
6John BicourtBelgrave Harriers35:18
7Don FairclothCroydon Harriers35:20
8Steve BadgeryHercules Wimbledon AC35:47
9J ValentineThames Hare & Hounds35:55
10P MurrayMitcham AC36:05
11Ron MartinWalton AC36:08
12Fred StebbingsCroydon Harriers36:18
13W WellerBelgrave Harriers36:25
14Mick FullerHercules Wimbledon AC36;30
15R RaymenHercules Wimbledon AC36:39
16Dave SmallboneHercules Wimbledon AC36:49
17Mick DunphyHerne Hill Harriers36;59
18Barry CollinsHercules Wimbledon AC37:04
19Robin BatchelorSouth London Harriers37:09
20T HartBelgrave Harriers37:20
21Alan BlackBelgrave Harriers37:23
22D SwansonSouth London Harriers37;31
23Ray ChurchEast Sy H37:35
24David AshbourneSouth London Harriers37:37
25Kelvin BromleyWalton AC37:42
26G BradburyHercules Wimbledon AC37:43
27Tony PinfieldMitcham AC37:46
28J ForrestRanelagh Harriers37:59
29W UpcottSouth London Harriers38:02
30Colin PearsonBelgrave Harriers38:03
31I CottonSouth London Harriers38:04
32A HorneRanelagh Harriers38:08
33Chris JonesAldershot, Farnham & District AC38:17
34Ron StonehouseAldershot, Farnham & District AC38:17
35P CreedonRanelagh Harriers38;19
36Roger BeanEast Sy H38:25
37A TrowellHercules Wimbledon AC38:31
38R TinerGuildford & Godalming AC38:32
39Tony FaircloughBelgrave Harriers38:33
40R GoodallEast Sy H38;34
41C WilsonSouth London Harriers38:35
42Tim BakerSurrey Beagles AC38:36
43P LeitchAldershot, Farnham & District AC38:40
44J PhelanHercules Wimbledon AC38:45
45Tony TunksEast Sy H38:53
46Ray O'DonoghueHerne Hill Harriers38:59
47Will HughesWalton AC39:01
48C ElsonCroydon Harriers39:10
49C BricherHercules Wimbledon AC39:10
50P BodleySouth London Harriers39:16
51P RichardsonCroydon Harriers39:23
52Jerry FletcherAldershot, Farnham & District AC39:25
53P BennettHerne Hill Harriers39:35
54Christopher WhittyAldershot, Farnham & District AC39:38
55K JacksonSurrey AC39:42
56P GreenSurrey AC39:43
57Adrian MajorBelgrave Harriers39:43
58M HindleEpsom & Ewell Harriers39:52
59Alan PawseyMitcham AC39:56
60J HansombeRanelagh Harriers39:57
61D EvansHerne Hill Harriers40:00
62Steve WarzeeGuildford & Godalming AC40:08
63D WalterCroydon Harriers40:09
64C BlackmoreHerne Hill Harriers40:13
65J HaighMitcham AC40:14
66M LakerSouth London Harriers40:15
67C CarlssonSouth London Harriers40:15
68K ShepherdEast Sy H40:18
69C HarveySouth London Harriers40:19
70Bob LarderGuildford & Godalming AC40:20
71J WhiteEpsom & Ewell Harriers40:21
72Pat BarberSouth London Harriers40:22
73A HedgerRanelagh Harriers40:23
74R JanesBelgrave Harriers40:24
75John GarberHercules Wimbledon AC40:27
76N DemetriadesEpsom & Ewell Harriers40:29
77A CursonEast Sy H40:35
78Pete MulhollandHercules Wimbledon AC40:38
79J DayHercules Wimbledon AC40:47
80M JohnsRanelagh Harriers40:49
81N ChaninSouth London Harriers40:54
82D FunnelEpsom & Ewell Harriers41:03
83P BreslinSouth London Harriers41:14
84R ArnoldWalton AC41:16
85I MilneRanelagh Harriers41:17
86D BywaterEpsom & Ewell Harriers41:26
87C RobinsonHercules Wimbledon AC41:30
88J SullivanRanelagh Harriers41:42
89Geoffrey WoodMitcham AC41:55
90A ClarkEpsom & Ewell Harriers42:00
91D SudburySouth London Harriers42:04
92C HellingsEpsom & Ewell Harriers42;09
93M FarleyHerne Hill Harriers42:14
94F PopplewellSouth London Harriers42:26
95Dave BettsCroydon Harriers42;43
96C MilesRanelagh Harriers42:46
97B ParkinsonSurrey Beagles AC42:50
98B TaylorWalton AC42:54
99Charlie WalkerBelgrave Harriers43:02
100P SimmonsMitcham AC43:07
101N HodgsonEast Sy H43:09
102Jack FitzgeraldMitcham AC43:33
103J MattinsonSouth London Harriers43:51
104B HeadEpsom & Ewell Harriers43:54
105Ron GobeyHerne Hill Harriers43:56
106G WattsEpsom & Ewell Harriers43:57
107Kevin KellyHerne Hill Harriers44:00
108J McLeanSouth London Harriers44:03
109R BoydenEast Sy H44:06
110L SaundersEast Sy H44;35
111B PetoGuildford & Godalming AC45:19
112R TeeceSurrey Beagles AC45:26
113A GoodwinSouth London Harriers45:56
114A WeekesSurrey AC45:56

1Hercules Wimbledon A54(1-3-8-13-14-15)
2Belgrave Harriers91(5-6-12-19-20-29)
3South London Harrier124(4-18-21-23-28-30)
4Mitcham AC222(2-9-26-52-57-76)
5Croydon Harriers242(7-11-43-46-55-80)
6East Surrey Harriers259(22-35-37-40-59-66)
7Ranelagh Harriers275(27-31-34-53-62-68)
8Herne Hill Harriers294(16-41-48-54-56-79)
9Epsom & Ewell Harrie398(51-61-65-70-74-77)

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