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Today's Date: 29 June 2022
Surrey County Road Walking Championships 1961/1962

10 Miles Road Walk, Mitcham - 24 February 1962


1Ray Middleton(Belgrave Harriers)77:26
2Paul Nihill(Surrey Walking Club)79:07
3Peter Selby(Surrey Walking Club)80:24
4Ray Hall(Belgrave Harriers)81:53
5J Knifton(Belgrave Harriers)83:03
6Dennis Vale(Surrey Walking Club)83:24
7W Belderson(Belgrave Harriers)84:29
8R Green(Surrey Walking Club)85:23
9G Grosse(London Vidarians WC)85:50
10C Shields(Surrey AC)86:57
11D Bartliff(Belgrave Harriers)87:01
12D Delaney(London Vidarians WC)87:21
13W Garrett(Surrey AC)87:24
14D Griggs(Surrey Walking Club)88:33
15J Keown(Belgrave Harriers)88:35
16J Morris(Belgrave Harriers)89:04
17George Beecham(Belgrave Harriers)89:47
18S Pearson(Surrey Walking Club)90:32
19R Hopper(Surrey AC)91:20
20D Hill(London Vidarians WC)92:44
21B Stevenson(Belgrave Harriers)92:53
22K Fairfax(Surrey Walking Club)92:57
23J Wilson(Belgrave Harriers)92:58
24D Melia(Surrey Walking Club)93:08
25D Holmes(Surrey AC)95:17
26E Sharp(London Vidarians WC)96:18
27D Young(Surrey Walking Club)97:19
28P Wilson(Belgrave Harriers)98:23
29G Doubleday(Belgrave Harriers)98:43
30A Clarke(London Vidarians WC)100:07
31T Melhuish(Surrey AC)100:40
32E Frost(Surrey Walking Club)104:53

1Belgrave Harriers 'A'17(1, 4, 5, 7)
2Surrey Walking Club19(2, 3, 6, 8)
3Surrey AC66(10, 13, 19, 24)
4Belgrave Harriers 'B'68(15, 16, 17, 20)
5London Vidarians WC75(9, 12, 25, 29)

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