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Today's Date: 30 September 2022

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Under 17 Men
(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
100 Metres (Standard: 12.30)
 10.78/+4.1 wJosh StreetSouth London HarriersLee Valley21 Jul 
 10.84/+1.1 2r12Josh StreetSouth London HarriersLee Valley4 Aug 
 10.93/+2.2 w1Cameron SmithCroydon HarriersKingston9 May 
 11.0 1Cameron SmithCroydon HarriersChelmsford20 Jun 
 11.01/+4.6 w4rBDavid PrattHercules Wimbledon ACLee Valley21 Jul 
 11.05/+0.3 2David PrattHercules Wimbledon ACKingston12 Jun 
 11.14 1Tucker BryantKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersMunich, GER28 May 
 11.25/+2.2 w4Peter BammoduBelgrave HarriersKingston9 May 
 11.32/+3.5 wA3Ashley CampbellHerne Hill HarriersCrystal Palace11 Apr 
 11.37 wA4Finn NightingaleSouth London HarriersCrystal Palace11 Apr 
 11.39/+2.2 w6Nathan Safo-BarniehHercules Wimbledon ACKingston9 May 
 11.4 Jonathan OsbourneHercules Wimbledon ACWimbledon18 Jul 
 11.44 3h1Nathan Safo-BarniehHercules Wimbledon ACKingston9 May 
 11.45/+1.7 B2Omari Carr-MillerCroydon HarriersHendon1 Aug 
 11.48/+4.0 w4Josh AtilleCroydon HarriersLee Valley2 May 
 11.5 Emanuel BempahHerne Hill HarriersBattersea12 Jun 
 11.5 2Jake BernardCroydon HarriersChelmsford20 Jun 
 11.5 Nick OdukoGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford25 Jul 
 11.53/-2.8 1Josh AtilleCroydon HarriersCroydon18 Jul 
 11.56/+4.3 w2Ali KokazKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersLee Valley2 May 
 11.6 A2Tshon CarnegieHerne Hill HarriersCarshalton18 Apr 
 11.6 A1Finn NightingaleSouth London HarriersCarshalton18 Apr 
 11.6 Dan SearleEpsom & Ewell HarriersHorsham5 Jun 
 11.6 A1Jordan RaymondWoking ACWoking6 Jun 
 11.6 Jack VannerGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford26 Jun 
 11.6 George MuntSutton & District ACWimbledon18 Jul 
 11.61/+0.9 B3Ibrahim AbdulkarimSouth London HarriersTooting Bec3 Apr 
 11.64 3h2Peter BammoduBelgrave HarriersKingston9 May 
 11.64 Ashley CampbellHerne Hill HarriersLee Valley17 Jul 
 11.7 3Emmanuel BempahHerne Hill HarriersCroydon16 May 
 11.7 B6Ali KokazKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersReading23 May 
 11.7 Luke WaterworthCamberley & District ACWoking30 May 
 11.7 A1Nick OdukoGuildford & Godalming ACPortsmouth20 Jun 
 11.8 A3Taj JohnsonHerne Hill HarriersCarshalton18 Apr 
 11.8 B1Jack PageWoking ACAndover4 Jul 
 11.8 Nicholas AbayaateyeHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Jul 
 11.8 Michael JansenGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford25 Jul 
 11.82/+4.7 wD3Tyrie ObuksSouth London HarriersCrystal Palace11 Apr 
 11.9 Jacob PaulEpsom & Ewell HarriersHilversum, NED4 Apr 
 11.9 A4M PartnerSouth London HarriersCarshalton18 Apr 
 11.9 2Tyrie ObuksSouth London HarriersHillingdon2 May 
 11.9 Adedeji WilliamsBelgrave HarriersWycombe5 Jun 
 11.9 Lamar AntonioHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Jul 
 12.0 James MooreSutton & District ACPortsmouth31 Jul 
 12.16/+2.2 wC4Johnoi JosephsSutton & District ACCrystal Palace11 Apr 
 12.2 A6S ClarkeHerne Hill HarriersCarshalton18 Apr 
 12.2 2Conrad BourneEpsom & Ewell HarriersHorsham16 May 
 12.24 5hMarc ArrogahKingston AC & Polytechnic HarriersKingston12 Jun 
 12.3 B2T Poleon (M45)Herne Hill HarriersCarshalton18 Apr 
 12.3 4Harry GreenEpsom & Ewell HarriersHorsham16 May 
 12.3 Rushane ThomasHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Jul 
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200 Metres (Standard: 26.00)