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Today's Date: 26 June 2022

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(We have been advised by UKA that performances in mixed gender events are not eligible for record purposes nor as qualifying performances for championships.
Therefore we will show such performances in italics with an mx suffix. Please note that this does not apply to the Under-13 Age Groups because there are no records for them.)

Athletes are requested to ensure that their county affiliation is shown correctly on Power of Ten.
100 Yards (Standard: 10.30)
 9.8 1Mel Cheskin Polytechnic HarriersRoehampton4 Jun 
 9.8 w1Tony TymmsSurrey ACSouthall13 Aug 
 10.0 2Tony Tymms Surrey ACMotspur Park21 May 
 10.0 2Martin Winbolt-Lewis (U23)London ACChiwick25 May 
 10.0 1Mick HillMitcham ACMitcham7 Jun 
 10.1 3David Fitch (U23)Twickenham ACMotspur Park21 May 
 10.1 1Jim Vivian (U20)Belgrave HarriersHurlingham2 Jul 
 10.2 1John Getgood (U20)Croydon HarriersRedhill14 May 
 10.2 1Ian Matthews (U20)Sutton & Cheam HarriersPaddington6 Aug 
 10.2 1Frank HincksonSutton & Cheam HarriersMaindy11 Sep 
 10.3 1Christopher Martin (U20)Belgrave HarriersBattersea Park8 Jun 
 10.3 Trevor James (U23)Croydon HarriersRedhill26 Jul 
100 Metres (Standard: 11.20)
 10.7 2Mel CheskinPolytechnic HarriersWhite City, London2 Jul 
 11.1/0.0 2Jim Vivian (U20)Belgrave HarriersWhite City, London18 Jun 
200 Metres (Standard: 23.00)
 21.6/+0.9 2Mel CheskinPolytechnic HarriersWhite City, London18 Jun 
220 Yards (Standard: 23.10)
 21.3 1Mel Cheskin Polytechnic HarriersMotspur Park21 May 
 21.9 6Martin Winbolt-Lewis (U23)London ACChiswick11 Jun 
 22.2 1Barry WickhamDeptford Park ACLadywell23 Apr 
 22.2 2Christopher Martin (U20)Belgrave HarriersMotspur Park21 May 
 22.2 1Robin WoodlandHercules ACTooting Bec6 Jul 
 22.3 4Jim Vivian (U20)Belgrave HarriersMotspur Park18 May 
 22.4 2Leslie Taylor (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACBrighton9 Jul 
 22.6 Trevor James (U23)Croydon HarriersLeicester4 May 
 22.6 4Francis HollandSurrey ACMotspur Park21 May 
 22.6 1Frank HincksonSutton & Cheam HarriersMaindy11 Sep 
 22.6 w1Tony TymmsSurrey ACSouthall13 Aug 
 22.7 5David SpraggSurrey ACMotspur Park21 May 
 22.7 3Ian Matthews (U20)Sutton & Cheam HarriersMotspur Park21 May 
 22.8 6Mick HillMitcham ACMotspur Park21 May 
 22.8 1Geoffrey Silman (U20)Kings College School, WimbledonMotspur Park18 Jun 
 22.9 Tony Collins (U17)Hercules AC 
 23.0 2David Marchese (U17)Surrey ACMotspur Park21 May 
400 Metres (Standard: 51.00)
 46.8 3Martin Winbolt-Lewis (U23)London ACWhite City, London20 Aug 
440 Yards (Standard: 51.40)
 47.02 6Martin Winbolt-Lewis (U23)London ACKingston, Jamaica 
 49.1 3Mike Fleet Croydon HarriersTooting Bec22 Jun 
 49.2 1Robin WoodlandHercules ACTooting Bec2 May 
 49.3 5Mike Varah (U23)Hercules ACHurlingham3 Sep 
 49.5 2Jan Luitz (U20)Epsom CollBlackburn9 Jul 
 49.6 2Michael Hill Mitcham ACMotspur Park21 May 
 49.6 1Nick Lovatt (U23)Mitcham ACOxford31 Oct 
 49.7 1Christopher Marchese (U20)Surrey ACMotspur Park30 Apr 
 49.9 3Leslie Taylor (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACHurlingham13 Aug 
 50.1 Tony Collins (U17)Hercules AC 
 50.1 sDavid Marchese (U17)Surrey ACBlackburn7 Jul 
 50.2 6J AvisDeptford Park ACHurlingham3 Sep 
 50.3 5Raymond Eve Mitcham ACMotspur Park21 May 
 50.6 1Peter CoveySutton & Cheam HarriersSutton10 Aug 
 50.7 1rAJohn Greatrex (U20)South London HarriersCrystal Palace12 Jun 
 50.7 hBob Harvey Croydon HarriersWimbledon Park16 Jul 
 50.9 1Tony Harris Mitcham ACTooting Bec6 Jul 
 51.0 2Les Granite (U23)Croydon HarriersCroydon11 Jun 
 51.3 1John HowellHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 Jun 
 51.3 1BIan Morgan (U23)Woking ACWimbledon Park6 Aug 
800 Metres (Standard: 2:00.00)
 1:49.0 3Mike Varah (U23)LoughboroughWhite City, London20 Aug 
880 Yards (Standard: 2:00.7)
 1:48.8 2Mike Varah (U23)Hercules ACWhite City, London30 May 
 1:49.4 2Jim Johnson (U23)London ACMotspur Park21 May 
 1:50.7 1Tony Harris Mitcham ACBarry11 Jun 
 1:51.3 3Jeremy Pickles (U23)Croydon HarriersCambridge29 Apr 
 1:51.4 1rBMike Fleet Croydon HarriersWimbledon Park15 Jun 
 1:51.9 2Fred Green (U23)Mitcham ACCardiff10 Sep 
 1:52.0 3Kelvin Bromley Walton ACMotspur Park21 May 
 1:52.2 5Mike Geraghty Deptford Park ACMotspur Park21 May 
 1:52.8 2Martin Winbolt-Lewis (U23)London ACCrystal Palace24 Sep 
 1:53.5 6Alastair Sell (U23)Guildford & Godalming ACMotspur Park21 May 
 1:53.6 1Nick Lovatt (U23)Mitcham ACOxford31 Oct 
 1:53.9 1David Prior Met PoliceSouthall16 Jul 
 1:54.4 1Roger DollimoreSouth London HarriersCambridge10 Mar 
 1:54.4 5Bob HarveyCroydon HarriersMotspur Park20 Jul 
 1:55.0 1AGeoff Biscoe (U23)Mitcham ACWimbledon Park15 Jun 
 1:55.7 2John ThresherBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park29 Jun 
 1:56.4 1Michael Beevor (U23)Hercules ACHayes27 Apr 
 1:56.6 3John Rix (U20)South London HarriersCroydon24 Aug 
 1:56.8 1Phil Thomas (U20)Herne Hill HarriersMotspur Park21 May 
 1:57.0 5John Greatrex (U20)South London HarriersHurlingham13 Aug 
 1:57.5 2D Mitchell (U20)Surrey ACMotspur Park21 May 
 1:57.5 3K Hylands (U20)Wandsworth SchMotspur Park21 May 
 1:57.9 2Mick GowanHerne Hill HarriersErith29 Aug 
 1:58.0 3Peter CoveySutton & Cheam HarriersCrystal Palace20 Sep 
 1:58.5 4C Tomkinson (U20)Epsom CollMotspur Park21 May 
 1:59.8 4Robin Atkinson (U17)Redhill & Reigate ACBlackburn8 Jul 
 2:00.1 1Eric Bradbrook (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACGuildford18 Jun 
 2:00.5 1Adrian Fyfe (U17)Polytechnic HarriersWalton21 Sep 
1500 Metres (Standard: 4:08.00)
 3:51.6 2Bob Holt (U23)Hercules ACWimbledon Park16 Jul 
 3:53.0 8David PriorMetropolitan Police ACWhite City, London28 May 
 3:53.8 10Geoff Biscoe (U23)Mitcham ACWhite City, London28 May 
 3:54.0 3Mick Gowan Herne Hill HarriersWimbledon Park16 Jul 
 3:54.5 5rAMichael Beevor (U23)Hercules ACEton Manor4 May 
 3:56.5 3rBDave Holt (U23)Hercules ACEton Manor4 May 
 4:00.4 6rBBob HarveyCroydon HarriersEton Manor4 May 
1 Mile (Standard: 4:30.0)
 4:03.3 2John Thresher Belgrave HarriersPaddington6 Aug 
 4:04.8 1Tony Harris Mitcham ACMotspur Park21 May 
 4:05.7 2Ian Wheeler Herne Hill HarriersMotspur Park21 May 
 4:06.2 3David Prior Met PoliceMotspur Park21 May 
 4:06.8 4Geoff Biscoe (U23)Mitcham ACMotspur Park21 May 
 4:08.4 2Tony MilnerWalton ACWalton25 Jun 
 4:08.9 1Mike Varah (U23)Hercules ACLoughborough4 Jun 
 4:09.6 4Mick GowanHerne Hill HarriersCambridge28 Apr 
 4:12.4 1John Rix (U20)South London HarriersHurlingham2 Jul 
 4:13.0 6Eric Bradbrook (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACCrystal Palace22 Jun 
 4:13.9 6Jerry Fletcher (U23)Farnham ACMotspur Park21 May 
 4:14.1 2Dave Holt (U23)Hercules ACChiswick30 Jul 
 4:14.4 2Norman Morrison (U20)Croydon HarriersAyr30 Jul 
 4:14.7 4Bob Holt (U23)Hercules ACChiswick30 Jul 
 4:15.6 2Fred StebbingsCroydon HarriersBrighton7 May 
 4:16.2 3Peter MilnerWalton ACBrighton7 May 
 4:17.5 1Jim Johnson (U23)London ACTooting Bec1 Jun 
 4:18.5 6Don Faircloth (U20)Croydon HarriersHurlingham2 Jul 
 4:19.0 3Alan BlackBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park29 Jun 
 4:21.2 1John RobertsSouth London HarriersBattersea Park22 Jun 
 4:26.3 2Brian Slocombe (U17)Hercules ACHurlingham2 Jul 
 4:28.0 1Phil Thomas (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec5 Jun 
 4:28.5 2Anthony Pinfield (U20)Mitcham ACTooting Bec28 Sep 
 4:28.6 3Keith Wallis (U20)Mitcham ACTooting Bec28 Sep 
3000 Metres (Standard: 8:55.00)
 8:06.4 1Ian Wheeler Herne Hill HarriersMikkell, FIN31 Jul 
 8:10.2 1Bob Holt (U23)Hercules ACTooting Bec28 Sep 
 8:11.2 2Dave Holt (U23)Hercules ACTooting Bec28 Sep 
 8:14.0 2John ThresherBelgrave HarriersLa Baule, FRA31 Jul 
 8:27.0 u4Steve Badgery (U20)Mitcham ACTooting Bec28 Sep 
 8:34.6 1Norman Morrison (U20)Croydon HarriersWalton21 Sep 
 8:35.6 2rBAlan BlackBelgrave HarriersTooting Bec28 Sep 
 8:36.2 3Don Faircloth (U20)Croydon HarriersWalton21 Sep 
 8:38.6 4Eric Bradbrook (U20)Guildford & Godalming ACWalton21 Sep 
 8:40.4 5John Rix (U20)South London HarriersWalton21 Sep 
2 Miles (Standard: 9:35.00)
 8:40.2 5Bob Holt (U23)Hercules ACAston2 Jul 
 8:42.2 2John ThresherBelgrave HarriersReading8 Jun 
 8:47.6 2Roger RobinsonGuildford & Godalming ACSheffield31 May 
 8:52.4 3Dave Holt (U23)Hercules ACReading8 Jun 
 8:55.4 1Ian WheelerHerne Hill HarriersBrighton7 May 
 8:55.4 3Mick GowanHerne Hill HarriersWhitley Bay30 Jul 
 8:58.8 2Gerry NorthBelgrave HarriersMotspur Park18 May 
 8:59.4 2John RobertsSouth London HarriersCroydon24 Aug 
 9:06.6 2Tony MilnerWalton ACBrighton7 May 
 9:06.6 1Mike Kortenray (U23)Wimbledon ACHurlingham17 Sep 
 9:15.0 4Bob Gevers (U23)South London HarriersBrighton7 May 
 9:15.0 2Mick Fuller (U23)Wimbledon ACBattersea Park8 Jun 
 9:17.4 1Bob O'MahoneySouth London HarriersBattersea Park22 Jun 
 9:18.0 2John Bicourt (U23)Belgrave HarriersHayes27 Apr 
 9:20.0 3Don Faircloth (U20)Croydon HarriersCroydon24 Aug 
 9:20.1 1Jerry Fletcher (U23)Farnham ACGuildford16 Jul 
 9:20.4 1Mick DunphyMitcham ACWimbledon Park15 Jun 
 9:21.2 5rBMike GeraghtyDeptford Park ACCrystal Palace25 Oct 
 9:26.2 2Mick Fuller (U23)Wimbledon ACWimbledon Park15 Jun 
 9:27.6 2Adrian Major (U20)Belgrave HarriersBattersea Park29 Jun 
 9:29.4 1Pete MulhollandWimbledon ACTooting Bec6 Jul 
3 Miles (Standard: 14:45.00)
 13:33.8 10Bob Holt (U23)Hercules ACWhite City, London9 Jul 
 13:40.0 3Dave Holt (U23)Hercules ACUxbridge27 Jul 
 13:41.6 2Gerry North Belgrave HarriersEton Manor4 May 
 13:41.6 1Roger Robinson Guildford & Godalming ACMotspur Park21 May 
 13:45.6 3Ian Wheeler Herne Hill HarriersEton Manor4 May 
 13:57.6 3John Roberts South London HarriersWimbledon Park16 Jul 
 14:00.8 2Mick Gowan Herne Hill HarriersErith29 Aug 
 14:06.4 2Tony Milner Walton ACEwell Court18 Jun 
 14:08.0 5Fred Stebbings Croydon HarriersEton Manor4 May 
 14:08.2 6Bob Gevers (U23)South London HarriersMotspur Park21 Mar 
 14:12.6 1Don TurnerEpsom & Ewell HarriersHendon30 Jul 
 14:19.2 Adrian Major (U20)Belgrave HarriersMotspur Park17 May 
 14:19.8 4Mike Kortenray (U23)Wimbledon ACHurlingham3 Sep 
 14:21.0 2Dave Smallbone Mitcham ACEwell2 Jul 
 14:22.0 3Mick Fuller (U23)Wimbledon ACEwell2 Jul 
 14:27.0 1Alan BlackBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park20 Jul 
 14:31.8 1BJohn PageCroydon HarriersEwell Court2 Jul 
 14:34.0 6Laurence O'HaraBelgrave HarriersHurlingham3 Sep 
 14:36.2 3John Bicourt (U23)Belgrave HarriersBattersea Park20 Jul 
5000 Metres (Standard: 16:15.00)
 14:05.6 2Ian Wheeler Herne Hill HarriersStockholm, SWE15 Aug 
 14:05.8 9John ThresherBelgrave HarriersVienna, AUT14 Jul 
 14:09.6 2Bob Holt (U23)Hercules ACSan Sebastian, ESP7 Aug 
6 Miles (Standard: 32:00.00)
 28:27.6 7Gerry North Belgrave HarriersWhite City, London30 May 
 28:48.0 2Roger Robinson Achilles ClubMotspur Park23 Apr 
 28:59.6 1John Roberts South London HarriersTooting Bec26 Sep 
 29:07.6 2Bob Gevers (U23)South London HarriersWimbledon Park16 Jul 
 29:39.0 4Barry Collins Surrey ACWimbledon Park8 May 
 29:44.2 3Ferdie GilsonSouth London HarriersTooting Bec26 Sep 
 29:46.8 1Mick GowanHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec21 Aug 
 29:55.0 1Dave SmallboneMitcham ACEwell Court2 Aug 
 29:55.4 1Don Faircloth (U20)Croydon HarriersCroydon14 Sep 
 30:02.0 3Alan Black Belgrave HarriersBattersea Park10 Aug 
 30:08.6 10Mick Fuller (U23)Wimbledon ACMotspur Park23 Apr 
 30:11.0 4Anthony FaircloughBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park10 Aug 
 30:14.8 5Laurence O'HaraBelgrave HarriersBattersea Park10 Aug 
 30:18.0 11Fred Stebbings Croydon HarriersMotspur Park30 Dec 
 30:24.0 2John PageCroydon HarriersCroydon14 Sep 
 30:54.6 2Mike Kortenray (U23)Wimbledon ACWimbledon Park3 Aug 
 31:39.2 4Kevin McBreartyHercules ACWimbledon Park3 Aug 
3000 Metres Steeplechase (91.4cm) (Standard: 10:00.00)
 9:09.6 2John Bicourt (U23)Belgrave HarriersWelwyn Garden City25 Jun 
 9:20.8 2John HallidayHercules ACWimbledon7 May 
 9:28.8 2Alan BlackBelgrave HarriersMotspur Park4 May 
 9:41.2 1Tony MilnerWalton ACPortsmouth14 May 
110 Metres Hurdles (106.7cm) (Standard: 16.00)
 14.3/-0.4 3Laurie TaittHerne Hill HarriersWhite City, London17 Jun 
120yds Hurdles (3ft 6in) (Standard: 16.00)
 14.1/+0.2 2Laurie Taitt Herne Hill HarriersWhite City, London9 Jul 
 14.5 3George Tymms Surrey ACChiswick11 Jun 
 15.3 1Tony Tymms Surrey ACNorbiton26 Jul 
 15.4 3Geoff Manning Dorking St Paul's ACMotspur Park21 May 
 15.5 w2Dave Travis (U23)Surrey ACLoughborough4 Jun 
 15.6 1John Howell Herne Hill HarriersSouthampton2 Jul 
 15.7 6Dave Travis (U23)Surrey ACOxford30 Apr 
 15.7 1Ken Wilmshurst (M35)Walton ACBrighton7 May 
 16.0 w4Peter Pepe Belgrave HarriersWimbledon Park16 Jul 
440yds Hurdles (3ft 0in) (Standard: 58.30)
 51.7 3hRobin WoodlandHercules ACKingston, JAM6 Aug 
 54.6 1Ian MorganWoking ACMotspur Park12 Nov 
 55.9 2Alan Lansbury (U23)Herne Hill HarriersNorbiton17 Sep 
 56.3 2Maurice Joyce (U23)Surrey ACMotspur Park21 May 
 56.6 4George Tymms Surrey ACMotspur Park20 Jul 
 57.3 1Mike Fleet Croydon HarriersCroydon29 May 
 57.3 2John HowellHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Aug 
400 Metres Hurdles (91.4cm) (Standard: 58.00)
 51.28 Robin WoodlandHercules ACWhite City, London18 Jun 
High Jump (Standard: 1.75m [5ft9in])
 6ft 7in (2.00m) 1Gordon Miller South London HarriersCrystal Palace13 Jul 
 6ft 4in (1.93m) 1Richard MorrisWalton ACMotspur Park18 May 
 6ft 3in (1.90m) 1ADavid NewmanEpsom & Ewell HarriersEwell Court2 Jul 
 6ft 2in (1.87m) 1Peter GatesEpsom & Ewell HarriersHurlingham17 Sep 
 6ft 1¼in (1.86m) David Brock (U20)Herne Hill HarriersMadeley3 Jul 
 6ft 0in (1.82m) 1Martin Vale (U20)Surrey Beagles ACCaterham25 Jun 
 5ft 10in (1.77m) 1Eric von Tersch (U23)Croydon HarriersCarshalton30 Apr 
 5ft 10in (1.77m) 2Tony TymmsSurrey ACWelwyn2 Jul 
 5ft 10in (1.77m) 2George TymmsSurrey ACChiswick30 Jul 
 5ft 9¼in (1.75m) 1Laurie TaittHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec23 Mar 
 5ft 9in (1.75m) 3B=Graham Palmer (U20)Surrey Beagles ACCrystal Palace20 Aug 
 5ft 9in (1.75m) 4David Marriner (U20)Redhill & Reigate ACHurlingham13 Aug 
Pole Vault (Standard: 3.20m [10ft6in])
 13ft 9in (4.19m) 1Peter Lyons ArmyAldershot23 Jun 
 13ft 6in (4.11m) 1Jeff Fenge (U23)South London HarriersMotspur Park21 May 
 12ft 6½in (3.82m) 1Tony TymmsSurrey ACNorbiton17 Sep 
 11ft 9in (3.58m) John Fenge (U17)Hercules ACHurlingham11 Jun 
 11ft 6in (3.50m) 1John Draper (U23)Redhill & Reigate ACRedhill12 Feb 
 11ft 0in (3.35m) 3John WebsterHercules ACTooting Bec28 Sep 
 10ft 6in (3.20m) 2David Marriner (U20)Redhill & Reigate ACHurlingham2 Jul 
Long Jump (Standard: 6.50m [21ft4in])
 24ft 0¼in (7.32m) 1Peter Reed London University ACMotspur Park21 May 
 24ft 0in (7.31m) 1John Howell Herne Hill HarriersWhite City, London20 Aug 
 22ft 10¾in (6.97m) w2Tony Tymms Surrey ACChiswick30 Jul 
 22ft 8in (6.90m) 3Tony TymmsSurrey ACMotspur Park21 May 
 22ft 7¼in (6.88m) 4Ken Wilmshurst (M35)Walton ACMotspur Park21 May 
 22ft 4in (6.80m) James Chappell (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersMotspur Park18 Jun 
 22ft 3½in (6.79m) 5Kevin Kelly Herne Hill HarriersMotspur Park21 May 
 22ft 3in (6.78m) 1Graham Palmer (U20)Surrey Beagles ACCaterham25 Jun 
 22ft 2¼in (6.76m) 6David Brock (U20)Herne Hill HarriersMotspur Park21 May 
 22ft 2½in (6.76m) 1Roy Gilfrin (U20)Camberley & District ACEton Manor14 Sep 
 21ft 9¼in (6.63m) 1R WrenHercules ACTooting Bec23 Mar 
 21ft 4½in (6.51m) 2Laurie TaittHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec23 Mar 
Triple Jump (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in])
 47ft 6¼in (14.48m) 1Kevin Kelly Herne Hill HarriersEwell Court4 Jun 
 46ft 4½in (14.13m) 1Norman RiceEpsom & Ewell HarriersEwell Court7 May 
 45ft 8in (13.91m) 3Ken Wilmshurst (M35)Walton ACMotspur Park17 May 
 44ft 7½in (13.60m) 1John Howell Herne Hill HarriersSouthampton2 Jul 
 44ft 1½in (13.44m) David RichardsEpsom & Ewell HarriersEwell Court4 Jun 
 44ft 0in (13.41m) 2Mick Mein (U23)South London HarriersTooting Bec7 Aug 
 43ft 5¾in (13.25m) 1S Wood (U17)De Burgh School, TadworthMotspur Park18 Jun 
 43ft 4¼in (13.21m) 3Graham Palmer (U20)Surrey Beagles ACHurlingham3 Sep 
 43ft 3½in (13.19m) 3Anthony O'Connor (U17)Bishop Thomas Grant School, StreathamThurrock1 May 
 42ft 7½in (12.99m) 1David Mole (U20)Surrey ACChiswickNorbiton17 Sep 
 42ft 1in (12.82m) 1Martin Vale (U20)Surrey Beagles ACEwell2 Jul 
Shot Putt (7.26kg) (Standard: 12.80m [42ft0in])
 51ft 1½in (15.58m) 1Chris Cogswell (U23)Surrey ACSutton15 Jun 
 50ft 3½in (15.32m) 1Barry Tristram London University ACSutton16 Oct 
 48ft 6in (14.78m) 2Gerald Davis London ACMotspur Park21 May 
 47ft 2½in (14.38m) 3Adam Chromniak Guildford & Godalming ACMotspur Park21 May 
 44ft 10½in (13.67m) Bill Fuller Sen (U20)Epsom & Ewell HarriersMotspur Park29 Oct 
 44ft 7½in (13.60m) 2Dave Travis (U23)Surrey ACLoughborough23 Apr 
 43ft 8in (13.30m) Nigel KitchenWimbledon ACRichmond7 May 
 43ft 5½in (13.24m) 2Otto Feldmanis (M40)Mitcham ACHurlingham17 Sep 
 43ft 5½in (13.24m) 2Nick MorganCroydon HarriersCroydon11 Jun 
Discus (2kg) (Standard: 35.00m [115ft0in])
 148ft 9in (45.33m) 1Nigel Kitchen Wimbledon ACCarshalton15 May 
 148ft 8in (45.31m) 1Otto Feldmanis (M40)Mitcham ACTooting Bec22 Jun 
 146ft 5in (44.62m) 2Adam Chromniak Guildford & Godalming ACMotspur Park21 May 
 143ft 2in (43.63m) 1Gerald Davis London ACBattersea Park29 Jun 
 136ft 0in (41.45m) Chris Cogswell (U23)Surrey AC1 May 
 135ft 3in (41.22m) 1Dave Travis (U23)Surrey ACLoughborough26 Apr 
 129ft 6in (39.47m) 1R BoydLondon ACCrystal Palace24 Sep 
 124ft 0in (37.79m) 5Robert Nicoll (M35)Surrey ACChiswick30 Jul 
 121ft 1in (36.90m) 2Winston La Cruise (U20)Herne Hill HarriersNorbiton17 Sep 
 115ft 10in (35.30m) 1John Draper (U23)Redhill & Reigate ACRedhill12 Feb 
Hammer (7.26kg) (Standard: 39.60m [130ft0in])
 172ft 7in (52.60m) 1Chris Melluish (U23)Oxford UniversityMotspur Park21 May 
 161ft 1in (49.09m) 3Robert Nicoll (M35)Surrey ACChiswick30 Jul 
 159ft 1in (48.48m) qDavid Brands (M45)Wimbledon ACUxbridge27 Jun 
 157ft 10in (48.10m) 1Bill Treharne Surrey ACWimbledon Park16 Jul 
 144ft 5in (44.01m) 2Doug BirchCroydon HarriersCroydon24 Aug 
Javelin 800g (pre-1986 model) (Standard: 50.00m [164ft0in])
 241ft 1in (73.48m) 1David Travis (U23)Surrey ACLoughborough14 May 
 206ft 0in (62.78m) Jonathan Buckland-Nicks (U20)Woking ACWatford19 May 
 205ft 3in (62.56m) 3David Mole (U20)Surrey ACMotspur Park18 May 
 205ft 3in (62.56m) 1James RomerMitcham ACRheindahlen, GER10 Sep 
 192ft 8in (58.72m) 3Neil Hancock (U20)Millfield School, SomersetHurlingham13 Aug 
 191ft 6½in (58.38m) 1Tim Blewitt (U20)Surrey Beagles ACWimbledon Park28 May 
 189ft 9in (57.83m) Roger HarveyWimbledon ACLadywell13 Aug 
 188ft 10in (57.55m) 2Brian Fuller (U23)Epsom & Ewell HarriersMotspur Park20 Jul 
 187ft 6in (57.15m) John WebsterHercules ACCarshalton30 Apr 
 187ft 4in (57.09m) 1Brian KettleHerne Hill HarriersTooting Bec7 Aug 
 175ft 11in (53.61m) 2Tony Harper (U17)Wimbledon ACWimbledon Park6 Aug 
 172ft 4in (52.52m) 1Adam ChromniakGuildford & Godalming ACGuildford18 Jun 
 171ft 5in (52.24m) 2Keith Walmsley (U20)Surrey ACMotspur Park21 May 
Decathlon (Standard: 5000pts)
 6192 1Dave Travis (U23)Surrey ACWimbledon Park8 May 
 5630 1David Brock (U20)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec11 Sep 
 5239 3Martin Eastwood (U23)Surrey ACWimbledon Park8 May 
 5182 2Bob Fisher (U23)Herne Hill HarriersTooting Bec11 Sep 

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These rankings are produced from the information held in our rankings database. For each performance we hold the athlete's name and their club. For some athletes we also hold their date of birth which allows us to verify the age group they were in at the time of achieving the performance. For those athletes we are able to create a "Profile" which shows, on one screen, all the performance data we hold for that athlete and this is shown as a link from the athlete's name. At no time do we display the date of birth of any living athlete.

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(1) Event; (2) Age Group; (3) Athlete's First Name & Last Name; (4) Athlete's Club and/or School; (5) the Performance and (6) the Date and Venue when and where it was achieved.