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Today's Date: 27 March 2023

You can display the performances of past and present Surrey athletes at County Championships; Inter-County Matches and Major International Championships plus their annual best performances as shown in the County Track & Field ranking lists and any County Records they have set.
Their names are listed below in alphabetical order of their family name. The names are grouped by the initial letter. Only those athletes whose dates of birth are known are shown. If an athlete has competed in Surrey championships but they are not shown it is likely to be because we have not been provided with their date of birth.
Because of the number of athletes contained in the database the search has been split between Males & Females. The first row of letters, with a red background, are Females and the second row, with a blue background, are Males. The list of names beneath also has the corresponding background colour.


Humphrey Waddington
Neville Wade
Charlie Wagstaff
Lloyd Wahed
Barry Waite
Owen Waite
Jake Wakeling
Geoff Walcott
Hurraine Walcott
Matthew Walcott
Basil Walden
Joseph Waldon
Jake Waldron
Martin Wales
Andrew Walker
Charlie Walker
Ian Gordon Henry Walker
James Walker
Martyn Walker
Russell Walker
Thomas Walker
Alex Wall
Daniel Wall
Harrison Wall
Rupert Wall
Brandon Wallace
George Wallace
John Wallace
Juddah Wallace
Dennis Wallington
Ben Wallis
Daniel Wallis
Keith Wallis
Keith Walmesley
Jamie Walmsley
Martin Walmsley
Peter Walsh
Liam Walter
Archie Walters
Joseph Walters
Sid Walters
Jonathan Walton
Moa Wanagho
Oweka Wanogho
Oliver Warbey
Simon Warburton
Alex Ward
Peter Ward
Richard Ward
Sachon Wardally
Liam Warne
Michael Warne
Ashley Warner
Richard Warner
Ronald Warner
Jamie Warnes
David Marlias Jenner Warren
David Warren
John Warren
Lewis Warren
Robert Warren
Abdi Warsame
Neil Warzee
Stephen Warzee
Daniel Wass
Robin Wasserberg
Matt Waters
Shaun Waters
Paul Waterson
David Waterston
Luke Waterworth
Kenneth Watmore
Ken Watmore
Conor Watmough
Andrew Watson
Ben Watson
Harold Watson
James Watson
Jeremy Watson
Joey Watson
Joshua Watson
Mark Watson
Miles Watson
Robert Watson
Simon Watson
Vic Watson
Jordan Watson-Brown
Edward Watt
Tim Watt
Sam Wattles
Christopher Watts
Gordon H Watts
John Watts
Thomas Watts
Daniel Weadley
Chris Webb
Donald Webb
Douglas Webb
Ernest James Webb
Gareth Webb
Hallam Webb
Jake Webb
Jamie Webb
Jason Webb
Nicholas Webb
Theo Webb
Michael Webb-Bourne
Matthias Weber
David Webster
Jack Webster
John Webster
Peter Wedderburn
Ben Weeks
Oliver Weeks
Matthew Wehrle
Simon Webb
Christopher Weighill
Martin Weighill
Jerry Weightman
Andrew Weir
Sindiso Weir
Matt Weisz
Benjamin Welch
Elliot Welch
Neil Wellard
Oliver Weller
Zach Weller-Davis
Aaron Wells
Ben Wells
James Wells
John Wells
Joseph Algernon Wells
Leslie V Wells
Paul Wells
David Wellstead
Cameron Welsh
Felix Welsh
Matt Welsh
Ryan Welsh
Jake Wendon
Wilf Wesch
Ben West
Cleve West
Jamie West
Zain Westbrooke
Jack Westerman
Samuel Westerman
Thomas Westerman
Alfie Westley
Jack Westley
Andrew Weston
Daniel Weston
Paul Weston
Toby Weston
William Weyham
Joe Wheable
Andy Wheble
Alex Wheeldon
Ian Wheeler
Luke Wheeler
Michael Wheeler
Rory Whelan
Ross Whelan
Edward William Wheller
John Whelton
John Whetton
Isaac Whiddett
StJohn Whindus
Jack Whishaw
Ovie Whiskey
Ben Whitby
Byron White
Charlie White
David White (1943)
Edward White
Ewan White
Finlay White
Greg White
Harvey White
Jon White
Kian White
Kieran White
Lee White
Liam White
Mark White (HW)
Mark White (HHH)
Roy White
Sean White
Stephen White
Thomas White
Warren White
David White
Sam Whitehead
Michael Whitehouse
Fabien Whitelock
Owen Whiter
Beckett Whiting
Matt Whiting
Daniel Whitlam
Edward Whitlock
Logan Whitlock
Christopher Whitrow
Gordon Whitson
Timmon Whitehead
Michael J Whittingham
Rhys Whittle
Trevor Whittle
Aidan Whitton
Christopher Whitty
Thomas Whorton
Timothy Whybrow
Patrick Whyms
Andre Whyte
Alexander Wiafe
Darren Wickenden
Andrew Wickens
Ollie Wickens
Barry Wickham
Adam Wicks
Philip Wicks
Ross Wiggins
Patrick Wigham
Harry Wignall
Paul Wignall
Brian Wilder
Adam Wileman
James Wiles
Raymond Wilkie
George Wilkins
John Charles Wilkinson
Sam Wilkinson
Benjamin Williams
Charlie Williams
Chris Williams
Colin Williams
David Owen Williams
Dennis Williams
Derrick Williams
Eric Williams
Finlay Williams
George Williams
Harry Williams (CADAC)
Harry Williams (G&G)
Harry Williams (J Fisher)
Henry Williams
Jake Williams
Jason Williams
Jermaine Williams
Jordan Williams
Joshua Williams (Woking)
Joshua Williams (CADAC)
Jude Williams
Kyron Williams
Mackanaki Williams
Marcus Williams
Matthew Williams
Matt Williams
Michael Williams
Olamide Williams
Paul Williams
Robert Williams
Rodney Williams
Samir Williams
Syne Williams
Tafari Williams
Tasian Williams
Tate Williams
Terry Williams
Alexander Williams-Baffoe
Arran Williamson
Euan Willis
Mark Willis
Martin Willis
Daniel Willmott
Jack Wills
Ken Wilmshurst
Alexander Wilson
Ben Wilson
Charles Wilson
David Wilson
Edward Wilson
Gary Wilson
Harry Wilson
Hugo Wilson
Ian Wilson
Jaedon Wilson
James Wilson
John Wilson
Jordan Wilson
Lee Wilson
Marcus Wilson
Nana Wilson
Oliver Wilson
Simon Wilson
Tom Wilson (Wimb Coll)
Tom Wilson (G&G)
Tom Wilson
Warren Wilson
William Wilson
Sebastian Wilson Dyer Gough
Zephan Wilson-Jones
Martin Winbolt-Lewis
Michael A Winch
Alexander Winchester
Geoff Winchester
Simon Winchester
Robin Winckless
Steve Winder
Richard Winkler
Matthew Winn-Smith
James Winship
Ian Winter
Oliver Winter
Phil Wise
Daniel Wiseman
Mark Wiseman
Bruno Witchalls
Joseph Witchalls
Benjamin Witham
Guy Wnuk
Jean-Louis Wodzicki
Daniel Wolff
Paul Wolff
Darren Wollen
Isaac Wong
Ben Wood
Ethan Wood
Geoffrey Wood
Jimmy Wood
Joshua Wood
Mark Wood
Nicholas Wood
Robert Wood
Sydney Charles Wooderson
Vladimir Woodham-Smith
Robin Arthur Woodland
Lawrence Woodley
Charlie Woodman
Alistair Woods
Barnaby Woods
Chris Woods
Darren Woods
Finlay Woods
Fred Woods
Matthew Woods
Reginald Salisbury Woods
Samuel Woods
Sam Woods
Paul Woodward
Duncan Woolmer
Elliott Woolmer
Jack Wootton
Zak Wort
Max Wotton
Daniel Wray
Paul Wray
Alex Wright
Chris Wright
Devon Wright
Harry Wright
Ian Wright
Jack Wright
Kristian Wright
Laurence Wright
Myles Wright
Ramon Wright
Usher Wrightman
Keith Wu
Matthew Wyatt
Scott Wyld
Charlie Wyllie
Jack Wyllie
Dylan Wymer
Dominic Wynes-Devlin
Bill Wynn
Ben Wynter

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