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Today's Date: 27 March 2023

You can display the performances of past and present Surrey athletes at County Championships; Inter-County Matches and Major International Championships plus their annual best performances as shown in the County Track & Field ranking lists and any County Records they have set.
Their names are listed below in alphabetical order of their family name. The names are grouped by the initial letter. Only those athletes whose dates of birth are known are shown. If an athlete has competed in Surrey championships but they are not shown it is likely to be because we have not been provided with their date of birth.
Because of the number of athletes contained in the database the search has been split between Males & Females. The first row of letters, with a red background, are Females and the second row, with a blue background, are Males. The list of names beneath also has the corresponding background colour.


Joshua Haasz
Jake Habgood
Robert Hacker
Patrick Haddad
Harry Hadden-Wight
Mohamed Hadjam
Savas Hadjikyriacou
Steven Hadley
Charles Hagan
Christer Hagberg
Rafferty Haigh
Muhamud Haile
Jack Haining
Roger I Haire
David Haizelden
Richard Haizelden
Frederick Hake
Winfred Hakeem
Charlie Hale
Ernest William Haley
Adam Hall
Alexander Hall
Christopher Hall
Chris Hall
Connor Hall
Edward Hall
Eric William Hall
Gary Hall
Joshua Hall
Kevin Hall
Matthew Hall (Croydon)
Matthew Hall (K&P)
Robert Hall
Sean Hall
Sean Hall
Andrew Hallam
John Halliday
Jason Hallifax
Simeon Hallissey
Jonathan Hamblen
Ashley Hamilton
David Hamilton
Mark Hamilton
Nicholas Hamilton
Graham Hamlyn
Adam Hammadi
James Hammond
Oliver Hammond
Eric Hammond-Sarfo
Brad Hammonds
Charles Hampden-Smith
Jack Hampshire
Tommy Hampson
Michael Hanahoe
Leslie Hanbury
James Hancock
Neil Hancock
Vince Hancock
Joe Handley
Thomas Handley
Michael Hanley
Andrew Hanlon
Rich Hanlon
Ernie Hann
David Hanna
Aidan Hannah
Shaun Hannan
George Hannay
Peter Hannell
Alex Hanson
James Hanson
Robert Hanson
Ben Harding
William Harding
Henry Hardman
Oliver Hardman
Thomas Hardman
Thomas Hardman
Christopher Hardy
Evan Hardy
Lee Hardy
Albert Hare
Jack Harel
Omar Harhara
Brian Harlick
Tom Harmer
Ashley Harmsworth
Joe Harmsworth
Paul Harmsworth
Tom Harmsworth
Anthony Harper (1941)
Anthony Harper (1951)
David Harper
Roland St.George Tristram Harper
Raymond Harradine
Michael Harran
Tony Harran
Jack Harrington
Kaine Harrington
Richard Harrington
Thomas Harrington
Ashley Harris
Chris Harris
Daniel Harris
David Harris
Matthew Harris
Neville Harris
Nick Harris
Rory Harris
Timothy Harris
Tomas Harris
Tony Harris
Troy Harris
William Harris
Jamil Harris-Blair
Sol Harris-Woodfin
Benjamin Harrison
Ben Harrison
Creston Harrison
Jacob Harrison
James Harrison
Jonathan Harrison
Phil Harrison
Bruce Harrold
Tom Harrold
Craig Hart
Damon Hart
Tom Hart
Piers Harte-Jones
Sebastian Hartland
William Hartley
Sam Hartnell
Ashley Harvell
David Harvey
James Harvey
James Harvey
Robert Harvey
Roger Harvey
William Harvey
Timmy Harvey-Smith
Robin Harwood
Joshua Harwood-White
Eshref Hassan
George Hastings
Mark Hastings
Oliver Hastings
Samuel Haswell
Liam Hatcher
Joshua Hathaway
Alex Hatherley
Felix Hatton
W James Hatton
Leo Hatton
Les Hatton
Andre Haughton
Daniel Haughton
Leroy A Haughton
Marcus Haughton
Richard Haughton
Stephen Haughton
Harry Hawes
Anthony Hawkey
Aaron Hawkins
Adam Hawkins
Alex Hawkins
Thomas Hawkins
Kit Hawtin
Simon Hawtin
Jonathan Hay
Daniel Haydon
Danny Haydon
David Hayes
Hugh Hayes
Jonathan Hayes
Thomas Haynes
Tim Haythorne
Mark Hayward
Stepen Hayward
Tom Hayward
Patrick Haywood
Paul Haywood
Michael Hazell
Keith Hazeltine
Ronald Head
Michael Healey
Ashley Healy
Mel Healy
Oscar Heaney Brufal
James Heanley
John Heanley
Robert Heanley
John Crocker Heap
Nathan Heard
Owen Heard
Luke Hearn
Lucas Heath
Alex Heatley
Jason Heatley
Charlie Heaton
Oliver Hector
Robert Hedger
Knut Hegvold
William Hehir
Elliott Heighes
Sam Helm
Alexander Helms
Meikhi Hemans
Adrian Hemery
Mazigh Hemici
Jamie Hemmant
Norman Hemming
Joe Hemsted
Edward Henderson
Jonathan Henderson
Neil Henderson
Ryan Henderson
Tom Henderson
Nicholas Hendrix
Ollie Henke
Gordon Hennessy
Isaac Henriquez
Floyd Henry
Rohan Henry
Clive Hensby
Jevon Hentley
James Heptonstall
Eric Herbert
Geoffrey Herbert
Graham Herbert
Len Herbert
Rafferty Herd
Ross Heron
Lewis Herzog
Graham Hewett
Keir Hewitson
Hugo Hewitt
Sam Hewitt
Brian Stanford Hewson
Max Heyden
John (Jack) Heywood
Marcus Hibbins
Edward Hicks
Ian Hicks
Luke Hicks
Terence Langley Higgins
Song Higginson
Tom Higgs
Colin High
Albert George Hill
Andrew Hill
Chris Hill
David Hill
John Hill
Michael Hill
Ryan Hill
William Arthur Hill
Dan Hillier
Matthew Hillier
Samuel Hillman
David Hills
Patrick Hillyer
Benjamin Hilson
James Hilston
Hans Hinde
Davian Hinds-Hall
Alan Hine
Max Hinton
Sam Hinton
Alistair Hinze
Jonathan Hiorns
Scott Hipkiss
Jon Hird
Julian Hipplewith
Julian Hislop
Alex Histon Allvey
Nikolas Hitchans
Sam Hitchings
Jack Hoad
James Hoad
James Hoare
Alexander Hobbs
Gian Hobbs
James Hobbs
Jack Hobden
Sammy Hobden
David Hoben
Alex Hobley
William Hobson
Callum Hockley
Joshua Hodge
Percy Hodge
Stephen Hodge
Nick Hodges
Daniel Hodgson
Lloyd Hodgson
Aidan Hogan
Cathal Hogan
James Hogan
Chris Hogg
Lewis Holden
Nat Holden
Oliver Holden
Tom Holden
Callum Holder
Jack Holder
Samuel Holder
Charles Holgate-Cooper
Francis Holland
Frederick Holland
Thomas Holland
William Holland
Graham Hollingshead
Dean Hollingsworth
Stefan Hollingsworth
James Hollins
Shane Holloway
Elliot Holman
John Holman
Billy Holmes
Caspian Holmes
Daniel Holmes
Dan Holmes
Luke Holmes
Matthew Holmes
Nathan Holmes
Simon Holmes
Harry Holmes-Davies
Victor Holsten
Bob Holt
Dave Holt
Richard Holt
George Homewood
Samuel Honey
Ken Honney
Nathan Honour
Kian Hooker
Nigel Hooker
Brian Hooper
Daniel Hooper
David Hooper
Richard Hooper
Ashley Hooyveld
George Hopkins
Jay Hopkins
Nick Hopkins
Reginald Hopkins
Ian Horlock
Ian Horn
Jamie Horne
Kevin Horne
Ioannis Hortis
Jack Houghton
Mark Houghton
Matthew Houghton
Ray Houghton
Aaron Houlton
Jake Hourihane
Leslie George Housden
Simon House
Cillian Houston
Jamie Howard
Joash Howard
Malcolm Howard
Amir Howe
Dominic Howe
Jakob Howe
Nicholas Howe
Robert Howe
Wesley Howe
Dave Howell
David Howell
John David Howell
Rene William Howell
Tyrelle Howell
Tyrell Howell
John Howorth
Callum Howson
Josef Hubbard
Salah Hubsei
Cary Huckerby
Adam Hudson
Daniel Hudson
Harry Hudson
Monty Hudson
Sebastian Hudspith
Jordan Huggins
Marlon Huggins
Nathan Huggins
Martin Huggon
Jacob Hugh
Alan Hughes
Alex Hughes
Glenn Hughes
Ryan Hughes
Thomas Hughes
William Hughes
Junior Huie
Frederick Henry Hulford
Adam Hulin
Dominic Hull
Daniel Humpage
Mark Humphrey
Peter Humphrey
Ethan Humphreys
Lee Humphreys
Thomas Humphreys
Alex Hunsley
Ben Hunt
Harry Hunt
Jacob Hunt
Jon Hunt
Joseph Hunt
Peter Hunt
Robert Hunt
Simon Hunt
Arnold Hunte
Edward Hunter
Jonathan Hunter
Mark Hunter
Michael Huntley
Tendai Huntley
Oliver Huntsman
William Hur
Jordan Hurlow
Fabian Hurst
Ross Hurst
Henry Husband
Christopher Husbands
Aftab Hussain
Tomas Hussein
Jameel Hussey
Lascelles Hussey
Peter Hutcheson
Keith Hutchings
Andrew Hutchinson
Mark Hutchinson
Aaron Hutt
Edward Hutton
George Huxley
John Huxter
Cassian Hyde
Dean Hylton
Robbie Hynes

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