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Today's Date: 3 July 2022
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2010 - 2011

Cross Country Championships, Lloyd Park, Croydon - 8 January 2011


1Tom HoldenSouth London Harriers14:06
2Merhawi YemaneHerne Hill Harriers14:14
3Daniel WallisGuildford & Godalming AC14:25
4Charlie CritchleyWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC14:41
5Amin JisowHerne Hill Harriers14:58
6Robert HansonHerne Hill Harriers15:06
7Gus CockleWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC15:08
8George CathercoleWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC15:09
9Tim LivingstoneHercules Wimbledon AC15:14
10Patrick LucasCroydon Harriers15:16
11James HancockSutton & District AC15:22
12Lascelles HusseyHerne Hill Harriers15:28
13Jack RoweWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC15:37
14Harvey WhiteOxted School15:41
15Joseph StanleyReigate Priory AC15:44
16Brogan McCawleyCamberley & District AC15:45
17Joshua HaaszCroydon Harriers15:49
18Jacob GeraghtySouth London Harriers15:50
19Ben ForemanSouth London Harriers15:51
20Tim LeakeHerne Hill Harriers15:54
21Oliver MayDorking Mole Valley AC15:54
22Daniel DryWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC16:03
23Harry BakerDorking Mole Valley AC16:04
24Cassian HydeHercules Wimbledon AC16:17
25Harvey StainthorpeCroydon Harriers16:23
26Daniel HaighHercules Wimbledon AC16:23
27Nathan MapperleyCamberley & District AC16:25
28Aaron ClarkeHerne Hill Harriers16:33
29Greg BaynhamWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC16:34
30Steven PayneBracknell AC16:35
31Sam VassallKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers16:36
32Augustin MallonHercules Wimbledon AC16:41
33Fraser Novellunattached16:51
34Fraser CunninghamHerne Hill Harriers16:51
35Giles RobinsonWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC17:08
36Ben GibbonsTiffin School, Kingston17:14
37Thomas MarlowGuildford & Godalming AC17:16
38Matt JackmanWalton AC17:19
39Kartik IyerCroydon Harriers17:21
40Hugo MaddenGuildford & Godalming AC17:23
41Cormac Scully-KingAldershot, Farnham & District AC17:27
42Alex CockwillWindsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC17:37
43Ed ClarkeReigate Priory AC17:53
44William RadyHolland Sports AC18:00
45Tom DickerCamberley & District AC18:01
46Aaron WellsSouth London Harriers18:13
47Daniel BonnettCamberley & District AC18:29
48Luke BakerCroydon Harriers18:33
49David GentReigate Priory AC18:37
50Liam MilesHolland Sports AC18:50
51Joe KleinTiffin School, Kingston19:01
52Alex BisnouthHercules Wimbledon AC19:18
53Jamie FendtOxted School19:37
54Edwin HarrisTiffin School, Kingston19:50
55Olly LoomesDorking Mole Valley AC20:17
56Ben WilliamsTiffin School, Kingston21:02
57Anish SachdeevaTiffin School, Kingston21:21
58Michael MooreTiffin School, Kingston22:23
59Julian HewittTiffin School, Kingston25:55

1Herne Hill Harriers25(2, 5, 6, 12)
2Windsor, Slough E&H32(4, 7, 8, 13)
3South London H84(1, 18, 19, 46)
4Hercules Wimbledon91(9, 24, 26, 32)
5Croydon Harriers91(10, 17, 25, 39)
6Camberley & District135(16, 27, 45, 47)
7Tiffin School197(36, 51, 54, 56)

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