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Today's Date: 3 July 2022
Surrey County Cross-Country Relay Championships 2008 - 2009

Bruce Judd Junior Relays, Stoke Park, Guildford - 4 October 2008

Under-13 Boys 3x2500m

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
1Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC 'A' 25:04Henry Suggitt (2)08:21Jack Rowe (1)08:14Gus Cockle (1)08:29
2Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'A' 25:31Ayman Besaies (8)08:48Ollie May (4)08:32Jack Wyllie (2)08:11
3Reigate Priory AC 'A' 25:58Ed Clark (3)08:26Jamie Brown (3)08:52Tim Carnell (3)08:40
4Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC 'B' 26:06Greg Baynham (5)08:34Daniel Dry (2)08:35Zain Westbrooke (4)08:57
5Cranmore School 'A' 26:15William Slumbers (4)08:28Chris Hunter (5)09:08George Gathercole (5)08:39
6Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'A' 26:34Nathan Gibson (13)08:53Cormac Scully-King (6)08:53Adam Cauldwell (6)08:48
7Camberley & District AC 'A' 26:36Brogan McCawley (12)08:53Mason Baylis (7)09:03Mark Hastings (7)08:40
8Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'B' 26:49Thomas Ball (11)08:52Harry Ramsey (8)09:11Ben Brunswick (8)08:46
9Guildford & Godalming AC 'A' 26:52Andrew Breen (9)08:49Ben Thompson (9)09:31Daniel Wallis (9)08:32
10Croydon Harriers 'A' 27:19Kartik Iyer (16)09:05Stirling Gibbons (19)09:55Joshua Haasz (10)08:19
11John Fisher School 'A' 27:21Benen Hodge (22)09:19Patrick Lucas (14)09:26Jamie Rix (11)08:36
12Epsom & Ewell Harriers 27:35Charlie Douglas (19)09:10Chris Threadgold (17)09:47Max Caulfield (12)08:38
13Holland Sports AC 27:47Josh Cottingham (10)08:50Liam Miles (16)10:03William Rady (13)08:54
14Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC 'C' 28:03Jack Major (20)09:11Giles Robinson (12)09:26Sammy King (14)09:26
15Camberley & District AC 'B' 28:11Max Sanderson (14)08:58Bradley Passfield (11)09:27Daniel Thackeray (15)09:46
16Sutton & District AC 'A' 28:15Luke Semikin (15)09:01James Hancock (15)09:47Shaun Cooke (16)09:27
17Cranmore School 'B' 28:23Kieran Donnelly (25)09:31Alex Flint (18)09:28Ben Morrison (17)09:24
18Guildford & Godalming AC 'B' 28:57Dan Fox (24)09:30Josh Maguire (21)09:52Hugo Madden (18)09:35
-Walton AC / WSEH *28:59Sam Linsley (1)08:20Phillip Bearman (10)10:04Joshua Lee (19)10:35
19Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers 29:01Tom Symmonds (37)10:17Freddie Mannering (24)09:35Matthew Broderick (20)09:09
-Camberley & District AC 'C' *29:13Rian McCawley *(17)09:06Jospeh Barnett (20)10:11Alastair Mayes (21)09:56
-South London Harriers 'A' *29:31Aaron Wells (26)09:32Harry Wilson *(28)10:46Lawrence Rook *(22)09:13
-Woking AC 'A' *29:40Charlie Cosson (34)10:04Robert Harrison (30)10:26Jacob Rainier (23)09:10
-Sutton & District AC 'B' *29:54Daniel Haughton *(27)09:35Finn Gallagher (27)10:39Josh Bartholomew (24)09:40
20Oxted School 'A' 30:15Ben Menham (23)09:26Tom Michelmore (23)10:14Jamie Frost (25)10:35
21Oxted School 'B' 30:28Callum Carson (31)09:51Adam Dobson (25)10:10Charlie Brown (26)10:27
22John Fisher School 'B' 30:42Peter Owen (28)09:39Matthew Watson (26)10:27Jack Tucker (27)10:36
23South London Harriers 'B' 31:08Tom Goldsack (42)10:32Matt Rook (29)09:48Alex Chung (28)10:48
-Sutton & District AC 'C' *31:13Craig Rawlings *(36)10:07James Kerr (31)10:24Sid Walton (29)10:42
-South London Harriers 'C' *31:14Louis Rossi-Jones *(30)09:50Liam McKenna (32)10:52Lewis Sullivan (30)10:32
24Woking AC 'B' 31:23Douglas Andrews (39)10:25Oliver Jones (34)10:45Jason Boyd (31)10:13
25Tiffin Boys School 'A' 33:23Tristan Perera (41)10:30Matthew Broderick (35)10:41Michael Muren (32)12:12
26Tiffin Boys School 'B' 36:13Kirshnan Sivanesun (38)10:25Hashul Patel (37)11:48Harry Neho Roth (33)14:00
-Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'B' DNFJoe Blight (7)08:43Callum Read (13)10:00
-Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'C' DNFCharlie Wyllie *(18)09:07Joe Salter (22)10:29
-Guildford & Godalming AC 'C' DNFMax Jameson (33)10:04name withheld (33)10:50
-John Fisher School 'C' DNFElliott Watts (40)10:29Joseph King (36)10:57
-Herne Hill Harriers 'A' DNFLascelles Hussey (6)08:40
-Oxted School 'C' DNFSteven Panyi (21)09:17
-Croydon Harriers 'B' DNFMax Goodwin (29)09:46
-Cranmore School 'C' DNFAndrew Miller (32)09:54
-Sutton & District AC 'D' DNFCharlie Till (35)10:06

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Jack Wyllie DorkingMV08:11
Jack Rowe WindsorSE&H08:14
Joshua Haasz Croydon H08:19
Sam Linsley Walton AC08:20
Henry Suggitt WindsorSE&H08:21
Ed Clark Reigate Priory08:26
William Slumbers Cranmore PS08:28
Gus Cockle WindsorSE&H08:29
Ollie May DorkingMV08:32
Daniel Wallis Guildford&G08:32
Greg Baynham WindsorSE&H08:34
Daniel Dry WindsorSE&H08:35
Jamie Rix JohnFisher S08:36
Max Caulfield Epsom & Ewell08:38
George Gathercole Cranmore PS08:39
Lascelles Hussey Herne Hill H08:40
Mark Hastings Camberley&Dist08:40
Tim Carnell Reigate Priory08:40
Joe Blight AldershotF&D08:43
Ben Brunswick DorkingMV08:46
Ayman Besaies DorkingMV08:48
Adam Cauldwell AldershotF&D08:48
Andrew Breen Guildford&G08:49
Josh Cottingham Holland Sports08:50
Thomas Ball DorkingMV08:52
Jamie Brown Reigate Priory08:52
Brogan McCawley Camberley&Dist08:53
Nathan Gibson AldershotF&D08:53
Cormac Scully-King AldershotF&D08:53
William Rady Holland Sports08:54
Zain Westbrooke WindsorSE&H08:57
Max Sanderson Camberley&Dist08:58
Luke Semikin Sutton&District09:01
Mason Baylis Camberley&Dist09:03
Kartik Iyer Croydon H09:05
Rian McCawley *Camberley&Dist09:06
Charlie Wyllie *DorkingMV09:07
Chris Hunter Cranmore PS09:08
Matthew Broderick Kingston & Poly09:09
Charlie Douglas Epsom & Ewell09:10
Jacob Rainier Woking AC09:10
Jack Major WindsorSE&H09:11
Harry Ramsey DorkingMV09:11
Lawrence Rook *South London09:13
Steven Panyi Oxted School09:17
Benen Hodge JohnFisher S09:19
Ben Morrison Cranmore PS09:24
Ben Menham Oxted School09:26
Patrick Lucas JohnFisher S09:26
Giles Robinson WindsorSE&H09:26
Sammy King WindsorSE&H09:26
Bradley Passfield Camberley&Dist09:27
Shaun Cooke Sutton&District09:27
Alex Flint Cranmore PS09:28
Dan Fox Guildford&G09:30
Kieran Donnelly Cranmore PS09:31
Ben Thompson Guildford&G09:31
Aaron Wells South London09:32
Daniel Haughton *Sutton&District09:35
Freddie Mannering Kingston & Poly09:35
Hugo Madden Guildford&G09:35
Peter Owen JohnFisher S09:39
Josh Bartholomew Sutton&District09:40
Max Goodwin Croydon H09:46
Daniel Thackeray Camberley&Dist09:46
Chris Threadgold Epsom & Ewell09:47
James Hancock Sutton&District09:47
Matt Rook South London09:48
Louis Rossi-Jones *South London09:50
Callum Carson Oxted School09:51
Josh Maguire Guildford&G09:52
Andrew Miller Cranmore PS09:54
Stirling Gibbons Croydon H09:55
Alastair Mayes Camberley&Dist09:56
Callum Read AldershotF&D10:00
Liam Miles Holland Sports10:03
Max Jameson Guildford&G10:04
Charlie Cosson Woking AC10:04
Phillip Bearman Walton AC10:04
Charlie Till Sutton&District10:06
Craig Rawlings *Sutton&District10:07
Adam Dobson Oxted School10:10
Jospeh Barnett Camberley&Dist10:11
Jason Boyd Woking AC10:13
Tom Michelmore Oxted School10:14
Tom Symmonds Kingston & Poly10:17
James Kerr Sutton&District10:24
Kirshnan Sivanesun Tiffin School10:25
Douglas Andrews Woking AC10:25
Robert Harrison Woking AC10:26
Matthew Watson JohnFisher S10:27
Charlie Brown Oxted School10:27
Elliott Watts JohnFisher S10:29
Joe Salter DorkingMV10:29
Tristan Perera Tiffin School10:30
Tom Goldsack South London10:32
Lewis Sullivan South London10:32
Jamie Frost Oxted School10:35
Joshua Lee WindsorSE&H10:35
Jack Tucker JohnFisher S10:36
Finn Gallagher Sutton&District10:39
Matthew Broderick Tiffin School10:41
Sid Walton Sutton&District10:42
Oliver Jones Woking AC10:45
Harry Wilson *South London10:46
Alex Chung South London10:48
name withheld Guildford&G10:50
Liam McKenna South London10:52
Joseph King JohnFisher S10:57
Hashul Patel Tiffin School11:48
Michael Muren Tiffin School12:12
Harry Neho Roth Tiffin School14:00

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