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Today's Date: 28 June 2022
Surrey County Cross-Country Relay Championships 2007 - 2008

Bruce Judd Junior Relays, Stoke Park, Guildford - 6 October 2007

Under-15 Girls 3x2500m

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
-Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'A' DNFBethan Hubbard (1)08:06Ruth Haynes (1)08:04Emelia Gorecka (1)07:39
-Herne Hill Harriers 'A' DNFKatie Snowden (2)08:10Arnelle Foulkes (2)08:49Hannah Edwards (2)08:18
-Guildford &Godalming AC 'A' DNFAbbey Fewell (4)08:48Katie Bingle (3)09:10Adele Tracy (3)08:12
-Woking AC DNFLucy Morris (3)08:35Katie Morris (7)09:58Georgia Peel (4)07:52
-Sutton & District AC 'A' DNFEmer Kerr (7)09:02Hayley Wishart (4)09:06Grace O'Leary (5)08:25
-Aldershot, Farnham & District AC 'B' DNFLaura Suggitt (8)09:08Sarah Spears (8)09:37Mae Partridge (6)08:37
-Guildford & Godalming AC 'B' DNFLaura Parker (6)09:01Hayley Wallis (6)09:26Chloe Crossman (7)09:17
-Dorking & Mole Valley AC 'A' DNFHannah Fay (11)09:33Cora Harrison (5)08:48Sarah Bridgman (8)10:02
-South London Harriers 'A' DNFNaomi Poyser (12)09:42Catherine Campbell (12)10:32Helen Wilson (9)08:45
-Sutton & District AC 'B' DNFKirsty Chaplin (9)09:14Ellen Mason (11)10:36Beth Semiken (10)09:14
-Aldershot, Farnham & District AC * DNFR Sykes (5)08:54A Eisenstadt (9)10:01Emily Wilkinson (11)10:11
-Camberley & District AC DNFEllie Maume (10)09:24Millie Tompkins (10)09:41Fran Cooper (12)10:10
-Herne Hill Harriers 'B' DNFAisha Naibe-Wey (13)10:18Milly Coulson (13)10:36Agatha Blake (13)10:06
-Walton AC 'A' DNFEmily Wastie (15)11:09Rio Herring (15)10:39Lauren Highton (14)09:50
-Guildford & Godalming AC 'C' DNFCharllotte Elliot (14)10:20Sophie Retter (14)10:35
-Walton AC 'B' DNFRia Lawrence (16)12:55

The number in brackets after an athlete's name is the team's position at the end of the stage.

Athletes and Teams shown with an * are non-scoring.

Individual Stage Times
Emelia Gorecka AldershotF&D07:39
Georgia Peel Woking AC07:52
Ruth Haynes AldershotF&D08:04
Bethan Hubbard AldershotF&D08:06
Katie Snowden Herne Hill H08:10
Adele Tracy Guildford&G08:12
Hannah Edwards Herne Hill H08:18
Grace O'Leary Sutton&District08:25
Lucy Morris Woking AC08:35
Mae Partridge AldershotF&D08:37
Helen Wilson South London08:45
Abbey Fewell Guildford&G08:48
Cora Harrison DorkingMV08:48
Arnelle Foulkes Herne Hill H08:49
R Sykes AldershotF&D08:54
Laura Parker Guildford&G09:01
Emer Kerr Sutton&District09:02
Hayley Wishart Sutton&District09:06
Laura Suggitt AldershotF&D09:08
Katie Bingle Guildford&G09:10
Kirsty Chaplin Sutton&District09:14
Beth Semiken Sutton&District09:14
Chloe Crossman Guildford&G09:17
Ellie Maume Camberley&Dist09:24
Hayley Wallis Guildford&G09:26
Hannah Fay DorkingMV09:33
Sarah Spears AldershotF&D09:37
Millie Tompkins Camberley&Dist09:41
Naomi Poyser South London09:42
Lauren Highton Walton AC09:50
Katie Morris Woking AC09:58
A Eisenstadt AldershotF&D10:01
Sarah Bridgman DorkingMV10:02
Agatha Blake Herne Hill H10:06
Fran Cooper Camberley&Dist10:10
Emily Wilkinson AldershotF&D10:11
Aisha Naibe-Wey Herne Hill H10:18
Charllotte Elliot Guildford&G10:20
Catherine Campbell South London10:32
Sophie Retter Guildford&G10:35
Ellen Mason Sutton&District10:36
Milly Coulson Herne Hill H10:36
Rio Herring Walton AC10:39
Emily Wastie Walton AC11:09
Ria Lawrence Walton AC12:55

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